Friday, April 1, 2011

March 26 email - Sounds like he is busy

so ok to start off with. Trade offs are fun we have one more for this transfer/trade off. I am going up to the UP again for the day on wed this time with Elder Coolbear and thats how you spell his name. and pics before i forget i am going to send my SD card when i leave to a different place that way you can have my new address when i send it or do u still want me to send it at the end of each transfer. just a thought. and we get a call next friday on april 1st which is aprils fools day, so most likey we will be getting a call from the mission prsident tho cause most likey elder smith will be leaving the area and i will be staying but we will see. but transfers is on the tuesday after that. and ether we will be having p-day on the friday the 1st or the monday the 4th cause of general conference but we dont know which one yet, but it will be before transfers thou. well the traning meetings was only 1 day cause their was a strom coming in and they didnt want us as missionarys driving in it at all. so we got as much told in 4 days into 1 day which was a lot of info in a short amount of time. we started at 830 and didnt get out tell around 5 but we had a hour for lunch which was good. and i learned a lot of stuff in just 1 day. so we had to have a dristrect meeting this week as well in che-boy-gen, but no trade off. well they gave us 20 dollors for lunch for the 4 days but it was only 1 day so we still have money left over which is good. the family that we are teaching is learning a lot right now we are teaching them the 1st lesson in the preach my gospel book which is resturation, we are using a planfit and they all have one to read. we asked them to read over it for the next time we come over which will be on monday, we are going over their every monday. and the kids are 1 is 17 years old she just turned 17 on wedensday, and the other is 14 this year, he bowles in the speical olympics which i thought was pretty cool, and get this they called us her sons which me and elder smith was like ok. and the family invited to make dinner for us one night also when we go over their again. but the family is doing good everytime we go over their. we have not challenged them to read the B of M yet we will get there the next time we are over their teaching them which will be on monday. so we both hope that they will learn fast whenever we teach them. well the snow is going away here finnaly which is good it was almost gone tell we got the snow strome this past week on wed. we got close to a foot of snow which was crazy but know it is almost gone which is a good thing. the weather here is just like the weather in idaho it can change is 5 mins haha. but we have more wind here from the lakes everyday which makes it cold when the sun is out. but since the snow strome all it has been the sun and no clouds which means SPRING ya. but i am doing good over all letters on the way and thanks for the package mom and i have been using the GPS a lot now we have been putting different address in for we can find them. and the goodies was way good they are gone now. and tell everyone hi for me love ya

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  1. Noticed on his debit card - he went bowling. Hope they went with the family they are teaching. And can you believe he said he was kind of getting tired driving. :)