Saturday, August 13, 2011

Getting Back to Basics

hey everyone
well thanks for all the birthday wishes i forgot to tell you that in my last email. well this past week as been a long week with everything going on in the mission. their was transfers going on and meeting with new missionaries. the distrect that i am in right now we got 2 new missionaries that just came out but me and elder Dearden just met 1 of them. he is getting trained by Elder Bready and he is the distrect leader. He had to come to greenville and drop off a few things from Lansing that we had to get cause we didnt get transfered or else we would of got the stuff at transfers. we have had 15 different lessons this week which has been a good week, we dont normally have that many here in greenville cause their is not much going on. but we got asked to help with a thing called the danish Festival here in Greenville. Greenville has been the host for it for close to 50 years now. and for the past 5 or 6 years the elders that have been here has cooked the food for it and so they asked us again this year if we would do that, good thing i know how to good some good hamburgers and hot dogs as well. we have a baptism tommorow(sunday) after church and after the linger longer for that ward. the ward has a linger longer once every mouth, it is just like the linger longer for the single ward at the church that they have every 4th sunday. we are going to have the baptism after that, his name is Kareem and he is 9 years old, he has a younger brother and a older brother as well and they are living with their aunt. their aunt is a member. and he is way excited to get baptised he is having his cunsin doing it. and his cunsin is only a priest but he lives up north in michigan somewhere. the other family that the Zima's are having us teach the dads name is Native and i cant remember but his wifes name is but their is 11 kids in the family but right now we are just talking with the parents tell they bring the kids. the parents are just coming over to the Zima's house everytime we go over their for dinner. they like church last week when they came even thou it was fast and testimoney meeting but all people was talking about was familys and that is what they like about are churhc is how familys is a big part in the church.
well if my mom didnt tell everyone we have to send all musical things home or send them to the mission home in East Lansing but we dont turst the Mission Home with all of the new Missionaries that come in and everything else, so me and elder Dearden are going to be sending them home and i am going to send mine home on Monday the 15th so eric or dad if you know how to play it you can and their is a tunner and a learning book with all different kinds of notes in it as well. the book with the songs is George Straght the greastest hits and a few other songs as well in it. and their will be a tonner and a stand that it is going to be coming with the quitar.
ya congrates tom on getting a job hey it is a job right now tell the snow falls and then hopefully you can work with them next year as well when the snow goes away. wait what am i saying it is the teton vally so their will be snow tell the middle of july for the teton vally right lol :). so dad are you saying that when i get home that i will be able to out drive you if you are hitting from the gold tees and not from the white tees lol. that is so crazy that school is starting up agian but ya i know that here as well are apartment is right by the high school and the band, football, and soccor all pratice on the fields that is by the high school so we can hear the band play every morning just like back home. they are doing a song from harry potter i am guess for the 7th movie that just came out. ya i dont remember Devin at all i might if i see him or see a pic. why would Troy take all that money that it just crazy why he would that all that, but who well. but thats it for now hope to hear from everyone soon. love ya
Elder webster

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