Saturday, August 27, 2011

Long WWWeeeeKKKK

hey everyone
well its another week gone by. i got a email from the mission President yesturday to see how i have been and i emailed him right back and now it is your guys turn. well school here in Greenville is started and they played their first football game last night but i dont know who won or nothing i got online when we was at the stevens to watch madison play i only watch the 2nd period and they was tired tell pocky score but then i have to get off but thats not good they got there butt kick well pocky is a hard team to play. it seems like madison just let them walk over them after half time. but now coach buck has a lot to work on for the team.
well this past week we got the car on wedensday me and elder Dearden had to go and get it down in Grand Rapids from the grand Rapids 2 elders while they was on lunch cause we didnt have distrect meeting cause there was training meetings that the distrect leaders, Zion leaders and all of the new missionaries had to go to for 2 days. and when we got to the stake center on wed they was already out to lunch so we had to wait so while we was we wne t in and talked to the mission President and some of the other missionaries that was their eating lunch. now since we have had the car we have gone to all of the different towns to see all of are investigators and today(saturday) we are going to go and see Native and his family(the family that has 11 kids) we are going to go and help them move some hay that fell down in their barn. well the whole mission is getting new beds and so we have to take a new beds that we just got for are apartment about only 4 mouths old and go and get new ones are apartment was the only one that has that new of beds all of the other apartments has had like 5 or 6 year old beds in their place or even older.
well missionary work now i guess before i run out of time. Greenville is doing goos right now. Me and Elder Dearden has been trying to stay busy, we have trade offs this next week with the distrect leader so i am going to go up to Big Rapids with him and his companion is going to stay here in Greenville with Elder Dearden. we are doing it on tuesday and then and wedensday we are trading back at disrect meeting down in Grand Rapids. well on tuesday the bishop went with us to apointment out in a town called staton it is about 20 mins away from Greenville and then he took us to Belding well we had another apointment but he just droped us off their cause he had to go but we had a dinner apointment in belding anyway that day but then the stevens took us home that night. so far tuesday has been are best day and also same with yesturday(friday) was also. but this past week just has been a long week and when are disrect leader called us last night just to see how are week has been i told him that it has been a LONG week and he agreed with me and he said that today(saturday) he is going to take a hour to a hour and a half nap cause it is are p-day so they was going to go and get everything down in the morning and then go back to their apartment and take a nap. and yes we can take naps on are p-days. the stevens family is doing good. no they are going to move out west cause Jayde the daughter is going to go to school at Snow Collage when she gets done with high school. and they are getting tried of Michigan.
well buddy(is the family dog, he got lose 2 days ago) is getting tough i guess. did you get a call from the dog place to go and get him or did you get a call from Joe Plamer. speacking of him how have they been with their new child? and how is savanna senila? ya like a said earlyer i watch a little bit of it but not much i asked the stevens if i could get on and watch my high school team from back home and they you can watch it online and i said yep and they ya go ahead so they watch it with me and they could not belive how good madison was doing but i guess not good anought. hopefully next week they can win. who do they play next week? when do they play rigby this year? well only have a few more mins left tell have to get off so thats all for now hope to hear from everyone soon love ya.
Elder Webster

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