Saturday, August 6, 2011

Go Teach and Learn

hey everyone,
well first off transfers we are staying together for another 6 weeks in greenville. Yesturday(friday) we was getting phone call after phone call and we was calling people as well to see where everyone was going. so it was a crazy day and the same with today(saturday) as well. we are happy that we are staying together for another transfer and same with a lot of ward members here.we have another baptism coming up on the 14 of this mouth it is on a sunday so it is going to be right after church. well today we are going to have dinner with the Zima's they are a family in the ward and they are going to have friends over that wants to learn more about the church. so we are going to teach them tonight after dinner. my birthday went really good we went over to a members place for dinner and played some card games with them. and then on thursday we went over to the Rackhams for dinner and went and good pizza fro my birthday so i had 2 birthday dinners. and on monday the 1st i got a call from sister Hess the mission Presidents wife and she wished me a happy birthday.
ya thats good to hear that the webster reunion went good. and glad that you got my SD card chelle yes i do want the pics back for i can keep them with me thought my mission. well if you didnt here we got a call from are mission president last week cause he wanted to see us and to see how we are doing in greenville well we fighured out why we got told that the bishop called him and told him that we was not doing anything well we are we told are mission president that we just had 3 baptisms and that we have another one coming up the only thing that we are not good on is finding new people to teach but as you read already we are going to be teaching new people tonight with some ward members. the family they have 11 kids so 13 people all together. so it was crazy when he called us and so he came and picked us up as we was running back to the apartment and when we got back he was talking with us for 30 to 45 mins at least then he went and took us to mickyd's and brought us food to eat right before are dinner apointment. so it was a crazy day last friday.
thats good to hear that the shed is dont and the same with the garage. now all you need to do is have a bar-be-que with them before school starts back up and foorball for jaxon.sure i can always have another shirt to wear. so how was the churckers game? thats good that you had a couple of extra tickets and that you gave them to the missionaries that was their. ya their is a ball park that is in grand rapids that the elders their go with the members. they have gone 2 times this past transfer. they are a AA baseball team for the MLB. so what did the missionaries there say when you told them that "the tickets were courtesy of our missionary".but thats wants going on here in greenville. well thats all for now hope to hear from EVERYONE soon love ya, letters will come soon
elder webster

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