Monday, August 22, 2011

Oops a Fall but got right back up

hey everyone
sorry didnt have a email out on saturday but we was way busy that day with everything that was going on. are p-days are still on saturday we got permissin to send a email today. well to start off this past week has been good tell friday. on friday we was riding are bikes and we decied to go under the road their is a underneath path that goes from side of the road to the other side, and this is by are apartment as well. their is a down slop to it on one side and a up hill slop on the other and when we got to the up hill slop i was down shifting on the bike to get going up hill and the chain came off and i went flying over the bike and hit my left side of my body. and boy did it hurt but i got right up when i fell down and kept on going but i got a good scrape on my left arm and by my left knee but i was ok it hurt for the rest of the day and whenever i touch it it hurts now. but o well i deal with it. on wedensday we had to give the car away to the Grand Vally elders so we dont have a car tell wed. but we got a ride from a investigator and his name is native he is the one that has 11 kids in the family. we was with him and the rest of the family for a few hours and then they took us to are next apointment in ceder spring with the stone's family and they took us back home after words. the stones family was the ones that took us to the coner bar and thats where i did the 12 hot dog challange. the 12 hot dog challenge was i had to eat 12 hot dogs in 4 hours but i didnt have that long to eat them i only had a hour and a half to eat them. but i ate them all in less then 45 mins but i threw up a little and jason stone(he is the elders qourm president) he was sitting by me and we was in a both and boy did he move really fast when i threw up and same with elder Dearden haha. but no matter what you got a t-shirt out of it i got one saying "i lost the challenange at the corner bar" and their is a pic on their of getting beat up by a few hot dogs and then it saids below "12 hot dogs served but not 12 down" but it was fun anyway but i am going to do it again here soon polly not tell next mouth thou.
well the mission work is going good last week was a slow week for us cause we didnt have a car for half the week so we could go and see all of are investigators cause they all live outside of greenville. and whenever we have the car we use it like crazy to go and see all of are investigators but we get yelled at for going over miles but we cant help it. it is ether get yelled at for not seeing are investigators or get yelled at for going over miles so we choose to get yelled at for going over miles to see are investigators. Native's family their is only 7 out of the 13 that is over the age of 8 but still that would be awsome to get them all baptized before the end of setpember. one thing that will hold a few people back is drinking coffie but me and elder Dearden has something that tastes just like it but it is not coffie and it has work with a few other people elder Dearden has said, so we are going to have them try it and see what they say.
ya if you didnt hear from my mom that i had to send my quitar home and everything that went with it. and i got permission to call to find out if it got their or not and i called almost everynight to see if it was their or not and i send it last tuesday and ot got their last friday the 19th and dad you can learn how to play it and i got that book of grath brooks so i could play it some day as well. the bast place to get new strings would be at Mikes music store which if i remember it is a main street their in down. and asked then which strings would be good for my quitar and they should know. so is coach buck going to win against his old team this year and go to state as well with being back at madison. and i herd that the basketball team might win back to back from what Mikael was telling me and that have 6 coming back or something like that from last years team that would be awsome if they won back to back at state for basketball. ya i remember cory i knew he was going to get married before i left on my mission it was on facebook. ya it sounds like i will not be in the same house when i get back and that rexburg wont be the same ether i will have to do what chelle did when she got back. go and drive around and see what has happened and see all of the changes that has happened. ya sorry if this letter is crazy i only have a hour and i want to get everything in that i can. ya greenville had a dansish festival over this past weekend and we went and helped a little on saturday and walked around as well. on friday was the first day for it and boy was their a lot of people in greenville for it as well. me and elder dearden both looked at each other and said i had never seen this many people and cars here in greenville before haha. but it was good we didnt buy anything cause we didnt have any cash on us but then we went to Native's place and hanged out with them for the rest of the day and then they brought us back to are apartment and we notice we didnt have the greenville area cell phone so native drove back out and got it for us and brought it back so we could have it and he didnt might doing that. we told him not to answer any calls that came in and he didnt cause we didnt have a calls that came in which is good. but thats all for now letters will be in the mail soon we have a busy week this week so polly will be the next week hopefully but hope to hear from everyone soon love ya
elder Webster

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