Tuesday, October 4, 2011

Tribulation equals Patience

hello everyone,
well it is another week gone by in the mission and yesturday i am now 8 mouths out in the mission where has the time gone to huh lol. well General Conference was on this past weekend and wow was it good. I like when President Monson said about the temple that is going to be going up in Stay Vally, Wyoming wow what a thought huh. that will be good for them so will Driggs still be in the Rexburg Temple Distrect of that one? Well this past week was really a slow week in missionary work. we had Zone Conference last friday(sept 30th) and while we was their i wrote a little note to the Assistences to them what has been going on cause everytime i was able to talk to President Hess(mission President) about it someone came up and cut me off but o well, so i gave the note to them after Zone Conference and later that night we got a call from the them and they wanted to talk to me and see how things was going. well before that both of us got back to are apartment and Elder Robles fell asleep well he was asleep for a little over 2 hours well after he woke up he yelled at me for not waking him up and i was not happy with that at all. cause we cant go door knocking after it gets dark outside and well it was after 7 when he woke up and when he was asleep i was just studying, watching dvds that we got cause we got a dvd player for all of the apartments so i was watching that and writing stuff down but he came in and yelled at me for that as well but o well, but back to when the Assistents called they called at 9 that night and i was talking to them for a little over 20 mins on the phone and one of the Assistents gave me a Qoute to think about and to remember. i cant remember what it saids right now but i have it hanging up on the wall in the apartment and well when we was talking they both said to call again sunday night after we get done planning so i did and we was talking for a little bit tell they had to go but they said to call anytime that i need to and to talk about things that has been going on.
well missionary work now well this past week was slow like i said earlyer. we only have 5 lassons taught but we picked up a few new investigators and so we are going to be teaching them now. well on tuesday we took a member out with us to a town called Ceder Spring he was baptized back in March so we thought it would be good to take him out with us and to see how he would do. He is only 18 years old so thats why we took him out with us and he is working on his Melchizedek Priesthood and i guess for new converts they need to go out with the missionaries and so we took him out and wow did the lesson go good with a investigator and i think it really helped her out with a few things as well. so we are hopey he can come out with us again tommorow(tusday). well we have not been able to meet with Native and his family yet cause ether they have been busy or we have been busy and same with the Mclains but they came to General Confernece yesturday(sunday) and watched it at the church but they watched it at their house as well on saturday and it was the first time they the wife(betty) watched it and she said she like it a lot and same with Jonny Mclain. and he came to the priesthood session as well. and last week when we was door nocking we door nocked into 2 less actives in the ward and i guess one of them he used to go out with the missionaries a long time ago when he was active but he has not been to church in a long time ether.
well things between me and elder Robles are going down and a little up not much but for the most part down so thats way the Assistents told me to call anytime that i need to talk to someone as well. but we are going to be teaching the priesthood class on sunday cause i guess elder Robles wants to talk about a few things that needs to be work on but we will guess to how this is going to work out. i hope good anyway. but thats is pretty much what has been going on so for here in Greenville. thats not good that madison last on their homecoming o well hope they dont fire coach buck this season cause coach buck has been the best coach that madison has had for football. but got to write to President Hess for are weekly report to him well hope to hear from everyone soon love ya and happy late b-day mom and happy 18th b-day marissa hope you guys both had a good b-day.
elder Webster

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