Tuesday, March 13, 2012

hello everyone,
     well this past week was good. we had a lot of time to go and door knock which i will tell you is not my favorite thing to do. teaching is my favorite thing to do. well tuesday it was transfer day in the mission and we had to go to the stake center to go and pick up the car from the greenville elders. but on monday the day before we got a phone call from are distrect leader saying that he got a call from President Hess saying that he was being transfered(we normaly find out on friday the week before and are distrect leader was suppose to stay with his companion for another transfer cause he was traning and traniners stay together for 2 transfer) and so that was crazy news for us and he was called to be a zone leader down in Kalamazoo. and so when we herd that are distrect leaders was being transfered elder Bullard took all of us out to breakfast that morning to i-hop before we had to be at the stake center. but on tuesday we had 5 apointments set up but 3 of them fell though and so we taught 2 lessons. then on wedensday we got a call from Elmur Ybema and asked us if we had a lunch apointment and we said no we didnt and him and his wife took us out to lunch and we shared a message about the sacurament with him and his wife. then on friday we had a dinner apointment and a family in the ward their names are the Siegman's and they are way awsome. bro siegman went on his misson to the colorado north mission. and while we was their we was talking about some other missionaries that has served here in the Grand Vally ward and now they are Assitents to the mission President and they are going to be in town on thursday cause we had a tranining meeting and so we was thinking about having a dinner apointment with the assitents and the members as well cause the assitents loved them as well. but this past week we had 12 lessons and 8 of those 12 lessons was with investigators which is good. and 4 of those lessons was with a member and so we are getting members to help us out again YA. we have a traning meeting on thursday here in grand rapids with the whole zone of missionaries and so it is going to be good to see the missionaries here and also to see President Hess.
     so how is the missionaries their elder Moore and elder Pace? they really like sports huh? well since they do and since march maddness is coming up lol. i dont know if they are aloud to watch any sports in that mission. i have been thinking when i get home off my mission i am going to help the missionaries as much as i can with rides cause it has been helpful with members giving us rides everywhere. so i am going to help them with rides and also if they need someone to go with them to apointments i am going to go with them. so is the missionaries in that ward now of how big of a area do they have to cover? and how many wards/stakes do they have to cover?
     are investigators are going good. some of them are not home when we go by and see them but thats normal. but we did pick up 4 new investigators this past wekk which is good. we got a referral from a set of elders down in Kalamazoo area. they called us a while back and gave us a name to go and see and we went and saw the person on saturday and while we was their we ask the mom cause thats who we got the name for. she has 3 sons and one of them is 18 and we ask if wanted to join in and he did and talked more then his mom when we asked ?'s for them to answer. we taught them the 1st lesson and they loved it. we commited them to read the Book of Mormon and also pray about it and they said they would which is awsome. and we are meeting with them on saturday again and hopefully they will have read and then we are going to comminted them to baptism that night as well.
     are dinner apointments are picking up this month which is good this week we dont have dinner today, wedensday and also saturday. but thats ok it is elder Bullards birthday today which is funny cause it is Tab's brithday also ands it is Elmur and his wife annraversity(they have been married for 60 years today march 12th). we dont have weekly dinner apointment like when i was in greenville. you did not say that you was going to send 2 more shirts that i can remember but i am losing tract of some things cause i have been trying to remember a lot of things and i am glad we have planners that we can take with us everyday and put notes in their as well. elder Bullard doesnt get any package from home except for when he got hurt then we got a lot of stuff send to him that week. ya i know the wrestling on the grass was fun i forgot about that cause when i had to get a new camara i could not watch it because of the size maybe but i dont know. ya the bathroom video was a good one i thought i would make a vedio and send it. that vedio was with elder Logan Kohler. and i cant remember the pics that much sorry without looking at them. on the letter i send to michelle i told her some of the names that was in the pics. o on saturday when we was on are way home we stopped and got a drink to take with us and while we was their we got a phone call asking if we could come into a class for primary and talk with them for a little bit and so we did. and this was during the 3rd hour so preisthood. so i guess all of the primary's must have been on the same lesson your ward and this ward. 14 lawns to power rank wow that is good and it is only march and i beat you will get more come march and april, when the weather will warm up. well thats all for now and hope to hear from everyone soon and we will talk to you next week. love ya
love elder Webste

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