Sunday, July 22, 2012

1st week with new companion

hello everyone,
     well to start off i got my new driver's License i got a call from the mission office saying that they have got it. and so they copied it and then they send it off to me and i got it this morning in the mail before we came and emailed. well elder Larsen is from salt lake city or Taylorsville, Utah. and he has been out for 6 months now. he left a girl friend back home as well. he loves to play volleyball he came from an active family always loves to go out and doing stuff. he loves to go surfing as well on the water, he was going to move to California before he came out on a mission to go surfing but he is glad that he came out here instend. he is a very hard working missionary. well mom i have to do some paper work for him i have been training him how to be a district leader. cause i have been around so many district leaders so far on my mission it is crazy. well it finally rained here as well and it was much needed and we was door knocking out in the rain. we didn't wear any coats cause it was so humid as well we was have been shocked from the sweat anyway. it was in the 80's and it was around 85 or 90% humid here. and Gaylord is the highest point in Michigan and the snow belt of Michigan as well. so was that really president monsen in driggs. cause he should have been wearing a white shirt and tie. and what was he doing up their in the valley? hey mom i have no idea for my birthday yet. i haven't even thought about that yet so i will let you know next week. just remind me.
     well this past week was a great week but no new people to teach no new investigators. that is a first in a long time for me and also a first for elder Larsen on his mission. when we was calling in numbers yesterday to the zone leaders over in traverse city elder Larsen told them that that is a first for him for no new investigators and one of the zone leaders told him "welcome to the north" and i had to laugh and say yep that is right "welcome to the north" and speaking of the north you would not of guessed who i met on Thursday for his 2nd day in the mission elder mann from rexburg Idaho. he is getting trained up the sue saint Marie area up in the UP. they had to stop here in Gaylord and give us some surpless that we ordered for are area cause we was getting low on them and so i met elder mann that day. his parents lives right by Adams and maverick. and so he is in the rexburg north stake. i was thinking about that on Friday and what stake he lives in and he lives in the north stake. which i thought was funny. well to start this week from Tuesday on tell today.
    on Tuesday me and elder coon had to be down in Mt. pleasant by 8 in the morning and we was going to meet the Kalkaska elders in grayling at 6:30am to take them down as well. well we on are way and the phone goes off and it is the kalkaska elders saying that they have not leaved kalkaska yet and this is 6:15 in the morning and so we thought they might have been playing a joke with us so we still went into grayling to see well nope so we called them back and told them to just drive down to grayling anyway and we will met them their. so then when we got down their the transfer van was late with the other missionaries that was coming up north in Michigan(which is normal) so we didn't leave Mt. Pleasant tell close to 9am good thing we didn't have any appointments tell 1 in the afternoon in grayling. later on that day we had an appointment with the Hubbert(the recert convert) and we had a good lesson with them about the atonement. and also while we was their we losed are phone it slip out of elder Larsen's pants and fell in the coach of a less active that we went and saw that day as well. good thing we notice missing before we lefted grayling that night. well on Wednesday and Friday we didn't drive the car cause we was finding all day long and i mean ALL DAY long. by 6pm my knees was hurting and my legs was tried so we called it a night by 8:30 even though we walked only around 6 miles that day but going up and down stairs can do it a lot on your knees. so like i send on Thursday i got to meet elder mann from rexburg with his trainer as well. and sister brown called us and took us out to dinner that night as well. so this week we had 2 lessons with a member present and 21 total lessons taught and we also talked to over 120 people as well ether walking around down town or door knocking. but like i said earlier we didn't have any new investigators but this week we are hoping for 6 new investigators. and we also have 2 trade offs as well this week. we have to go to kalkaska tonight to meet with the zone leaders from traverse city to trade off with them. and i am going to be in gaylord and elder Larsen is going to be in traverse city. and then on Thursday we have trade offs with the kalkaska missionaries. and the kalkaska elders are really doing good. they have an person that is going to be getting baptized on the 4th of next month and they are really excited about it. and one of the elders has been their for over 6 months now and no baptisms so he is excited for it and it was a member referral as well. and that's how long he has been out for as well on his mission.
well that's all for now. talk to you next week love ya
elder Webster

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