Monday, July 9, 2012

Transfers drum roll please

hello everyone,
well the BIG question is going to be answered right now about transfers. i am staying again here in Gaylord and get this elder coon is leaving he was the district leader here in Gaylord but now President Hess wants him to be a Zone leader down in Grand Rapids so he is getting transferred. and i am getting elder Larsen he has been out for 6 months now and he is the district leader and so trade offs again every week of the transfer. and so that means i am going to be up here in Gaylord for 4 and a half months or even longer and i have almost knocked the whole thing lol. so their you go for transfers i don't know much about elder Larson. i only know that he has been out for 6 months. well the weather here has been hot and humid BIG time. so it has been tuff o well. i was on trade offs with an missionary that was going home last Wednesday and we was out door knocking and we had to go in cause it was way to hot. with the humid it was over 100 degrees and with not that much water we was way to hot and we couldn't take it anymore o well so then we went and had dinner and then we had 3 more lessons that night that we went to and so we had a lot of fun. and he is planning on coming to my homecoming when i get home as well and when i give my talk. he only lives 5 hours away and he is a big fishermen and a big hunter as well. and i think that is a understatement with him. he loves hunting and fishing. hey Michelle you can go ahead and send the dvd about grandma and i do what pics and the thing from the funeral as well thanks sis. that's crazy that Kelty is 14 years old now wow. when i get home i might have to make a trip out and see their house and same with shad and selina's place as well. man dad you might have to start a business now of taking people everywhere in your pickup jk. hopefully you are getting better mpg in your truck now. coach Anderson got another football job huh wow can he not just stay in one place for over a year or something. i think he had 3 different jobs within 4 years for coaching football.
well this past week was a good week and a long week as well. on Tuesday when we was up in Boyne City at President Belfords home for lunch he was going to ask me to give a talk on Sunday but he forgot to asked me(he told me later when he called us) then later on in the day he called us and asked me to give a talk and the theme was on pioneers. he also gave me a few other subjects to pick from, he gave me family history, missionary work and also temples. and so i mixed them all he. and while i was thinking about what to write in my talk i thought of some story's about what was going on back home and the different actives that the word does. and one story that came to my mind was when we was up in Victor and grandma and grandpas ward was having a pioneer day or something so we went up for it and while we was their. there was a lot of games going on and i told them that i did the stick pull game(where 2 people try to pull each other off of the ground using their whit and their strengh to pull each other) and everyone liked mine talk. and President Grajewski(in the mission Presidency) was their as well and he gave a talk and boy was it a really good talk. he talked about Pioneers as well but he said that we are pioneers today and how we can stenghen are families and also start new things. sister Belford also talked as well and she was talking about her Pioneers as well and get this. her 3rd or 4th great grandpa on her dads side of the family is a knight and while Joseph smith was alive and was married to Emma smith. the knights took Joseph and Emma smith in let them live their while Joseph smith was translating the plates.; i thought that was cool so i had to share that with you. and she also gave us a challenge as members as well to write in are journals every night for are children and their children can read them and see what we did while we was alive and doing things. and how we lived. so i am going to start doing that as well. and mom i was wondering if you could send some stuff about are Pioneers out for me to read as well. well another then that not to much happening here in Gaylord got to email other people as well love ya guys and hear from you next week. will let you know more info about elder Larsen as well next week in the email.
love ya
elder Webster

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