Monday, July 23, 2012

Got more investigators and some baptismal dates set

hello everyone,
well another week has gone by here in Gaylord. we was on 2 trade offs this past week one with the zone leaders and then one with the Kalkaska missionaries. it has been another hot week as well. not rain this week again just humid and humid. well first off mom i have not got your letter yet. when did you send it off last week. and also for my birthday i was wondering if i could get a pair of black slacks that i could wair. and maybe a few ties but i will leave that up to you mom or whoever. and you guys can surprise for my 21st birthday. but can you believe that i am going to be 21 years old i cant i am getting old lol. and then the next day on the 2nd i am going to be out for 18 months wow where has the time gone too. that's crazy that are old ward is going to be in the same building again and we are going to be seeing each other. so that means when i give my talk everyone is going to be their huh from the 8th ward and no one is going to be their for their ward lol. man that is funny about buddy but i guess that's what he gets lol. so mom any more news about coming out here when i get done with my mission at all? well mom Tyler is a cow boy and a farm boy but that's to funny shooting a gun once he is released huh. mom you couldn't remember the young men's name huh?
this past week while we was on trade offs with the zone leaders on Tuesday. it was me and elder west here in Gaylord and elder Larsen went to traverse city. me and elder west was going to ride bikes up in boyne city while the Tischlers was doing their stuff but when we went and got the bikes i noticed that we have to blow up an tire again and we didn't have time to do that cause we had to get going o well. so we are going to do that day hopefully it is just a tub and not the tire. but anyway on Tuesday we had 3 lessons and one of them was with an investigator and then an less active with the tischlers and then we had a dinner appointment. on are way home from boyne city we stopped and looked at some old cars that was sitting on the side of the road and elder tischlers loves old cars and so i had to take some pics of them. so i thought you guys might enjoy them. the cool thing was when we got back into Gaylord. we had 30 mins to do something and so we went door knocking for a little bit right by are apartment and we found someone that let us come back on Thursday. so we went back and started to teach him and now he is an investigator. but on Wednesday we had district meeting in Gaylord and then after that we went out for lunch at Wendy's and that was the first time that i have been to Wendy's in a long time and it was good lol. me and elder bullard was down in grayling all day and we had a great day down their we had 5 lessons that day which is really good for grayling. and while we was down their we picked up 3 new investigators as well which is really good. and we also had a dinner with a less active and her son(which is a non-member and now a new investigator). and on Thursday we had trade offs with the kalkaska elders and i was in Gaylord again with elder Flecter and get this that day we had to go and help with the alpen fest and we help with a pizza eating contest and no we did not eat any pizza we watch other people do it. and their was a lot of people that was doing it. it was where little kids had to eat 1 piece of pizza and who ever ate it the fastest won and then 2nd and then 3rd. and their was some crazy young kids that love pizza. but then with the older people they had 2 slices of pizza and they could not use they hands at all. all they could use was their month to eat the pizza and boy some of them has some messy faces after words. we would have done it but we was in white shirts and pants so we didn't want to get them dirty. and while we was their i guess what i had mom i had an elephant ear. hehehehehehehe lol. and it was gggooooodddd. and i also took a pic of just some rides that they had for the alpne fest in a picture. but then on Friday we had to trade back and we did it before studies which i was tried getting up early to trade back and be back at are apartment before 8am ya i was tried. after that we had to go and help out again with the Alpen fest and this time we was selling stuff in the Main tent to people and then later on that night we went to are investigators house and while we was their we started the Stop smoking program with them that the church has for people to quit smocking. and with the stop smoking program we go over their to see how they are doing and/or keep in contract with them daily by calling them everyday and we have been doing that. and also with the program they have to get everything out of their house and car that will reminds them of smoking and so we did and we had 3 grocery bags full of stuff to throw away of smoking stuff. and we threw it away. well then on Saturday we had a lot of time for finding and almost everyone was not home cause of the Alpen fest and so finding/door knocking was not working at all. but we had a good lesson with another investigator names Matt stange and we set an baptismal date with him for the last Saturday of August which is August 25th. and so we have 4 people with baptismal dates now and we are happy for that. later on that night elder Larsen was talking on the phone with the 2 people that are quiting smoking and both of them are doing good still getting the nerve to smoke but that happens for a few days, cause the body wants the smoke but they are not smoking now which is good. but while we was talking to them he set an baptismal date with one of them and her name is Nancy Pattersen and her date is for the 18th of August. and she lives with someone else that is not smoking as well and that is doing the program and we are going to set a date with her tonight when we go and she them again. so that is are week here in Gaylord. so we had 21 total lessons for the week and 2 of them was with a member present. and we also got 4 new investigators as well. so we had a good week.
well this week we have another trade off and this one is with Alpena missionaries and then on Thursday we have interviews with Pres. Hess. but other then that hope everything is going great. hope to hear from everyone soon love ya. hope you like the pictures
love elder webster

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