Tuesday, July 3, 2012

Happy 4th of July

hello everyone,
well happy 4th of July everyone, hope everyone has a good 4th of July and no one gets hurt. we don't have much planned for the 4th of July. we don't even have district meeting that day so we are having it on the 5th so the next day and then we have trade offs with the Alpena elders again this week. well transfers are coming up and we find out this coming Friday what is going on with transfers if we are staying together or if one of us are leaving, so will let you guys know next week in the email. and yes mom i am surprised at the hand written letter from ya that came in the package that i got and i got it this morning. and thanks for all of the stuff that you put in the package mom. and good thing that i didn't buy any snack food this morning when we went shopping for food. cause i got some in the package from ya. so how was the court of honor for Jesse? ya that would have been good if their was 4 people but how many eagle's was in the eagle's nest? yard sell hopping huh mom should of known you better by now. you and everyone always goes yard sell hopping for a lot of things and same with aunt jo as well lol. man golfing at 6 in the morning dad that is a good idea for now and it is cooler then, then in the early afternoon. next year i will come golfing with ya in the tournament for you don't miss it again how about that dad.
well this past week here in Gaylord, Michigan has been a long week and i mean a long week. to start off last Monday like normal we went and play basketball with some people at the Community center and some people that we are teaching. and then on Tuesday we was up in Boyne city with the Tischlers and i don't think that elder coon like the Tischlers very much cause he i don't think that he understands what they do and how much they help us out cause they have not helped us out as much now since elder smith has gone home. cause when we leave Boyne City the Tischlers like to leave around 6:30 and elder coon doesn't like to leave tell 8pm but we have to ride back with them so he doesn't like it to much. the Tischlers used to have stuff to do up in Boyne city but not anymore cause they don't see that many people anymore. but o well i guess. then on Wednesday we have trade offs with the Kalkaska elders and i was here in the Gaylord area with another missionary that was going home this transfer and he is still working hard to the end of his mission which is good. and while on Wednesday me and the other missionary was down in a town called grayling and we stopped in at the Library and while we was their we talked to an less active member that has not come for awhile. and we had a good lesson with her their and she keeps telling us that her daughter wants to be baptized and she even told us as well but they have to come to church in order for her to get baptized. but while we was their she told us that one of the less actives friends need some help with some service later on that night and so we went and help out cleaning up the edge of a pond for people could go swimming for a graduation party coming up. and then they feed us while we was their and boy was it a lot of food, like BIG hot dogs, 2 different kinds of salad, baked beans, and a few other stuff as well so me and the other missionary got stuffed big time. and something elder happened as well this past week. some awesome and a miracle happened as well. an recent convert family was going though a ruff time finnaclly(money problems) and we asked them on Monday when we called them to see how they was doing cause they wasn't at church on Sunday, well we talked to them about if they want to fast to see if they could get though it(they owned over 2,000 dollars to their home that they was buying) and we told them that we would fast with them as well so on Wednesday i had a felling to go over their to see how they was doing and the felling came to me when we was driving to go over and do some door knocking but as we was still driving the feeling came to me again and this time even stronger so i told the another missionary "hey i just got a strong felling to go and see the recent convert and see how they are doing with the fasting and everything else" and so we did and man that was good timing cause when we got over their. the mom(becky hubbert) was sitting outside and doing nothing cause the dad(tony hubbert) was working. so we read some scriptures with her to get her spirit up. and that really help them cause they was going to Gaylord later that night for a relief society thing and also to talk to the branch President, President Belford about what was going on and President Belford told them that the church will pay for the gas and another bill for they can pay off the trailer that they are living in right now. and when i called them Wednesday night to talked to tony cause he was not their earlier that day cause of work. he told me what happened with the meeting with President Belford. and that right their is a great experience about fasting and how great fasting works. and that also build up my own testimony as well. well then i was with the Kalkaska elders both of them all day on Thursday cause elder coon had to go to a leadership meeting down in Lansing and he went down with some other missionaries from up here in the zone. so i was their all day and we didn't get back to Gaylord tell almost 9 that night and we leaved Gaylord at 10 after 5 in the morning. so that was a long day. then on Friday we was down in grayling all day again and on Saturday and Sunday me and elder coon was door knocking all day cause a all of the appointments but 2 fell though and also 3 investigators dropped us cause they don't like what we have to share and they told us that as well. o well i guess not their time to learn. o on Saturday you should of seen how much water i drank i drank a lot. i drank 5 bottles of water on top of 6 classes of water, 2 classes of milk and also 2 classes of juice as well. so i got a lot of water in my body.
this next week are planners are felling up little by little with different things to do. we got a call last night from sister brown to let us known about dinner appointments this next week and we have 5 this week. we got some money given to us on Sunday to go out to eat somewhere so we are on a day that we don't have a dinner. which is today basically but who knows we polly wont go out today for dinner cause it is p-day. well i will have to go and eat Bavarian Creme(whatever that is) at the Alpen fest coming up in a few weeks here in Gaylord. we don't have to much planned really for the 4th of July. elder coon is not to much on doing a lot of stuff which is kinda a bummer o well maybe next year when i am home we can have a good 4th of July party with everyone on an weekend or something. well thanks again for the package and everything mom and dad. their is going to be some pics but i will send them in a different email this time love ya and will talk to you later.
love elder Webster

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