Monday, August 27, 2012

Transfered to Oscoda, Michigan

Hello everyone,
well i am in Oscoda. and it is a small town here. and we live in another town called AuSable Michigan and it is only 2 mins away from Oscoda and it is another small town. we live 10 mins away from the church here and a lot of the members for the branch live a even smaller town called Hale, Michigan. and that's where the branch President lives at as well. and everything Thursday we go out to hale for the day and we get feed twice that day which is really nice. well mom was wondering how i got to oscoda, so i am going to tell how i got here from Gaylord. when me and elder Larsen leaved Gaylord early Tuesday morning at 6:30 in the morning we got down to Mt. Pleasant around 8 in the morning and that's where i met elder Green at. and while i was there before i could even get out of the car i was almost drugged out by other missionaries cause they came and gave me a hug when they saw us pull up to the church house their in Mt. Pleasant. so it was fun we was their tell after 9 in the morning then me, elder green and the West Branch missionaries all got in a members car and drove to west branch to drop off the all of us at the west branch apartment which we left Mt. pleasant around 10 after getting something to eat their in town cause all of us was hungry. and then the 4 of us had to go to Houghton lake to go and grap a few things at the houghton lake apartment, we went with the west branch elders. so then after that when we got back to west branch was around 2 in the afternoon we left for a small town called Tawas city and elder Green and i spent the rest of the day their in Tawas and that's where we do are shopping and we go shopping on Tuesday cause that's when we are down in Tawas that's where the walmart is at. and mom yes i got your letter i got it on Saturday and are mail comes around 1pm everyday so it is like back home it comes in the afternoon. o you would not believe this a lot of people remember elder Chris Dustin here. they remember that he was kind and loving and a hard working missionary. and they also told me that i have a lot of live up to here to keep up the work.
so here in Oscoda we have a long week cause we don't have that many miles to drive around with. when we got back to Oscoda we only had under 200 miles left to go everywhere so last Thursday tell Saturday we was riding bikes and we rode around 10 miles a day on the bikes. and we have 6 bikes but only 3 of them are in working order so we are going to use the other ones to get 2 working for we can give to the west branch missionaries for they can have bikes to ride. on Wednesday we was out in hale and while we was out their we stop in at a members home to introduce me to them and it was the Parents(that's their name, see if Chris Dustin remembers them). and while we was there we was talking about some past missionaries that have served here and they started to talked about that they went out to the Tetons and when with a missionary that served here to go 4whelling and a few other things as well. and they was saying that he worked on a farm and i asked them if they remembered his last name and they couldn't and all this time i was thinking in my mind that it was Chris Dustin so i asked them if it was a elder Dustin and they said yes it was and then i told them that i was cousins to him. and it was kinda cool. i was hoping that i was going to be able to serve in a area that Chris did while he was out here in Michigan. but the big day this past week was on Friday night and Saturday afternoon. on Friday night we was over at are top investigators house and she only lives town the road from where we live at so we walk their almost everyday when we see here. but on Friday when we was over their we was planning on setting an baptismal date with here and elder green asked her to think of a date that she wants to get baptized cause we was talking about baptism and then i came in and i asked her to pray about a date when she wants to get baptized and we could fell the spirit that whole lesson. and on Saturday while we stopped by she told us that she had a great felling come over her and she told us when she wants to get baptized and it was awesome so we set a date with her. and she is excited. o on Sunday as well i got asked to help with the sacrament and while i was sitting their the 2nd counselor in the branch President's asked me to come up and be the 1st speaker and to bear my testimony in other words and to say where i was from and how long i have been out. and it was no big tell and then i while i was bearing my testimony i said that i was consins to elder Chris Dustin and you could see the smiles on every ones faces which was good. so their you go for the week. this branch here is going to be fun. and get this here in Oscoda their is only 2 stop lights it is that small. how crazy it is a little bit bigger(city limits) size then Driggs is lol.
well elder green is from santaquin Utah. that is about the same size as driggs is for a city elder green told me. he is the middle child in his family. but still don't know to much about him yet still trying to get know him a little bit. he is about ready to go home here in a few months, something like 2 and a half months tell he goes home. ya i called the McClain's and talked to both of them and they told us that they have a good reason to come up to Oscoda now to see me and elder green since the both of us served in Greenville. school doesn't start tell next month here for Oscoda. the branch here in Oscoda, their is about 50 to 60 people coming each week to church. but their is close to 150 members in the branch so their is a lot of less active work to be done here. elder green told me that the branch President loves us so in other words we have him rapped around are finger lol. elder green said that not me. but other then that their you go for my first week here in Oscoda. love ya
love elder Webster

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