Thursday, March 24, 2011

Letter from Joe

Dear Sis and Bro in law
How ar things going in the valley? Things are going good here in Michigan, in the small little town of Alpena.  Can you do me a favor, get on my facebook for me please you should have my password. Can you put all the pics from 2010 into 1 album for me if not 2.  And then put all of the MTC pics in one, Then I will send my other sim card when I get transfered to another area.  But I don't think I will get transferred this coming transfer right after General Conference, cause Elder Smith will be here for 6 months at the end of this transfer.  So most likely I will be staying here, But if you could so that for me that would be great, thanks.  Just put the different areas in different albums for everyone can tell where I have been, and everything that I have done.  O another thing that I do need is blank cd's cause Elder Smith has some cd's that I want to copy. 
But this past week and this coming week I will tell you about last week we had 17 lessons, 7 of those was to different investigators, them 2 of them was to less actives but 2 of those was to members when we went over to dinner.  I have done 2 different priesthood blessings already also. One of the blessings was to a non-member but has family that is members.  So I don't know how that is.  But an investigator that we are teaching right now he is going to collage, he is about 20 years old, went asked him to think about being baptized over this past weekend(which was the 12th to 13th). So we was going to see him today(tues the 15th), but he was either not home or didn't answer his phone.  And another investigator or investigators we are teaching 2 less actives and 1 is an investigator, we invited her to be baptized on the 16th of April which is a saturday and are p-day but o well.  And me and Elder Smith is teaching a family now as well.  We started to teach them yesterday(mon the 14th) They invited us back every Monday which is good. Get this the boy in the family bowls but for the handicap and his high is around 250 he said.  The girl in the family and rest of the family is interested to learn more.  So I guess we will have to see what happens, But on Wedensday I get to go up to the UP ( The upper penecsa above michigan) for the day, then on thursday I get to go to cha-bay-gen again. So I will be out of town for 3 days in a row.  We have a district meeting every Wed. in cha-boy-gen. O I found out that the bridge to go up to the other part of the state is over 5 miles long. It is longer then the golden gate bridge in California. Just a fun fact that I learned, so I thought I might share it with you.  Well today (Weds the 16th) I am up in South Saint Marie for the day on the trade off.  I am with Elder Mcmuride for the day and don't worry I will and have done already took pics of it.  One of the pics is the bridge of Canada and United States.  Another pic on their is the bridge to get to South Saint Marie. 
O Elder Mcmuride is from Idaho to. He is from Gooding Idaho small little town he saids.  There is not even a stop light their just a highway thats it.  And I will get a pic of me and him, ya so as for as I know their is 3 people from Idaho. Their is me, Elder Mcmuride from gooding and then Elder Casper from Idaho Falls.  I guess the tradition up here in the Sue ( they call it) They do traditions on trade offs. One of them is the person that is from the Sue or the UP buys the other person drinks. Then the other tradition is if they have enough money they take them out for lunch or dinner. And another one that some people do it look at the pictures they bring them with them on the trade offs.  And of course I did take my pictures with me.
But if you can't tell I have done this in different days this week and still not done.  I started it on tuesady and today is thursday.  Didn't really have time on wedensday to write at al, only late around 10, I did. so not it is 10 pm and I am in Cha-boy-gen for another trade-off with Elder Sneed. He is from Arizona, Elder Sneed has been out for 21 months now. And tonight we went and did, but we didnt we watched the BYU game, ARe mission president told everyone in the mission that we can watch BYU games, so we went and did which it was a good game so they play on saturday now don't know who against and what time yet.  Will find out for sure.
I was thinking about writing Elder Taylor Clark, but he must of read my mind, cause I got a letter from him today(thursday) They got the mail before they left to come and meet up in cha-boy-gen with everyone.  I thought that was cool.  But how is everything going with everyone at work(both jobs) And how is the family doing up there, Grandpa, Grandma, the deweys and the websters.  I have been writing Nate so far but thats it, I didnt have Uncle Barts, tell he gave it to me in a letter, but I still don't have Ryan's though, which I do want to write him, but no address.  And I don't have the deweys either.  So if you would don't mind giving me their address that would be great.  Thanks but keep me updated with everything that is going on.  Got to go for now here from you soon. Tell everyone hi keep them updated.

Elder Joseph Webster

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  1. Ryan and Marilyn's address is:

    6050 S 1000 W
    Victor ID 83455