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Letter From Elder Webster March 12, 2010

thanks for the pic of savannah. she looks cute. how is shad senila shon,
and now savannah. Tell nathan happy bday before i forget, since it was
yesturday. Are week has been good, ups and downs a lot i guess. apointments
falling though everyday this week. but we are teaching a collage student right
now his mane is trevor and well i will tell you this. the other night we was
teaching him and some of his roommates came into his apartment with some drinks,
then they left and they got locked out of their aparment. so trevor unlocked the
door and went and got a hamburger and told them if they want it they better
leave and so they graped it and left. so trevor kicked them out in other words
which was good and funny also. We have a map of the area at a apartment by elder
smith has been here for over 5 mouths now in this area so he knows it pretty
good, which is a good thing. but i still dont know that area at all. The baptism
is not happening anymore cause he still has a lot of things he needs to work on
and everything else thats is going on in his life. The soup kicthen is good i
guess right in the middle of are pdays but o well.

      we have had snow all this week everyday mainly in the mornings thou
we have snow but thats it. i went to a town called choboygen in wed and it
snowed all day their and get this we had no car ether cause it had to go and get
new brakes and a few other things done to it as well. and it was snowning all
day their and blowing as well which was no fun so me and elder deadon from
choboygen we was in the apratment all day doing different stuff and then we
walked to their church house and did, we do that once a week
everyweek. so me and elder deadon we was their for a good hour and a half tell
we leaved to go to the apratment. but the only reason we was their all day cause
all the apointments fell though in 3 different phones calls and the 3 phones calls
was all within 15 mins to. but it was a good day thou u will have to see why thou
and the next SD card that i will send cause he did some stuff that was funny.

     We only have one branch here thats it. the citys up north are all
branches their is not that many people that goes to church up north. but down
south of the state their are different wards and everything else. last sunday i
got asked to help bless the sacurament and then got asked to give the opening
pray also. ya latey we are having different people that has been feeding us
though out the week now which is good me and elder smith is not complanning 1
bit, cause it is free food. ok thanks for looking for one cause sometimes it has
been handing to have one around, but we dont so sometimes we have to guess which
way to go. and we only have a so many miles a mouth that we can drive. and this
mouth we have 2250 but 1700 is to meetings outside of Alpena. Ya i have wrote
elder mykal forsgren already also i wrote him last week, so i am haping for a
letter from him so time now. about a week ago and i also send him a email
also, and i have wrote mikeal edelmayer and he wrote me back i get his letter
yesturday and i wrote him back again and send it out this morning before the
mail got here. the mail gets to are apartment around ten. and i cant remember
elder casper's parents name at all sorry maybe you can write him it is the same
address for the mission home just put his name instend of mine.

     so what happened to the radio in the car or are u just getting a new
one for it that way you can have cds to play on the way down to reno or
something. tell dad to tell everyone their HI for me when he goes back in their.
and tell him to update them as well of how i am doing. I dont know the summers
person sorry but thats not good at all so what is going to happened to his fram
then and everything else. but ya everything is going good this week so far
anyway. and i lost tabs, des, dads email again and i dont know how ether. but
not to much more going on this week so far we have 3 dinner apointments which is
good and 1 of them is with a investagator. he invited us back and for dinner
also on wed. but i wont be in alpena tho i will be up in the U.P for a trade off
for the day. o and we have traning meetings not next week but the week after and
i get to go to them which is good i guess i get to learn more things but i get
to sit in meetings all day which is no fun. but on the good side of that i get 6
bucks everyday for lunch i can use in my account. and it is 4 days long. and
everynight we have to drive back to alpena and the meetings are almost 2 hours
away which is no fun. and i have to drive everyday to the meetings still but
thats ok i love to dive and the car we are driving is a 2008 chevy and every
50,000 miles they get a new car. but we are only around 37,000 somewhere in
their. but also every 2 years they get new ones also. but other then that
nothing else is going on. send everyone my love

elder webster

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  1. Can you believe the amount of miles they travel. No wonder he ask for a gps unit. It sounds like they are doing okay despite the appointments falling through.