Saturday, March 5, 2011

email 3/5/11

hello tom and chelle.

ya jobs are tuff to come by now a days but what can you do right. got a
? why is madona having him staying for late what is with that? ya the weather is
snowing here also non stop since wedensday we have had close to 2 feet of snow
since then, good thing i know how to dive in it right michelle. like your time
on your mission huh. so you should tell art hi from me, and ask him how he liked
the jam.

i have been teaching people not to many thou. elder smith has done a lot of
the talking and teaching but i have put my 2 cents in thou a lot thou out the
lessons. the teaching is going good, we are starting the teach a mister from
another church. he got on the website and ordered a book of mormon. so we took
it over to him yeaturday and we started to teach him. we are going to go back
over their and teach him about joseph smith on friday again so we will see how
that goes. but other then that we have been teaching some enactives in the ward
and some investagaters also. we got a date for a baptism already also for next
mouth(pics will come dont worry). the mission is going good we are limited to
driving tho on are miles but o well what can we do. but thats it for now

elder webster

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  1. I was given some strawberries to make jam ans so i made some freezer jam and art wanted some, and tom had close 3 nights in a row but it's a job and cant afford to lose it, and the following week he might as well be closing since he works til at least 9 or 10.