Saturday, March 5, 2011

March 5 from Albena

my week has been good, it went by fast really fast cant belive it is saturday again wow. sundays are good tommorow is fast sunday so we will see how that will go and everything else. their is a lot of enactives in the branch tho. we are trying to work with them though out the week that we can. i did get the package thank you for the pics. thats good that you worked 3 days in the temple. i beat they was long and busy days thou but hope they was good. why is mike going to work for 5C full time his he getting tried of mary ann their at the bus shop. so does that mean he gets to dive the cat bus then? thats good that dad has been making the bed for ya maybe he should make brakfast from time to time in the mornings? huh mom. ya we do get feed thou ever thoursday by the same people in the branch. but thats it other then by the branch presdent every now and then.

hey while you are on ebay could you look up a GPS and see how much one is, that way we can have one when we go to are different meetings in different towns. cause elder smith got lost one time going to a meeting in a town called gayling. and can you do another favor for me. can you get trent ricks address for me or email for a write him and let him know about my mission. thank you. and thank you for the calendar it was polly a good thing that all of brithdays was on their cause i couldnt remember when all of them was. and maybe can you find out for me when marissa's is also i think it is around september or october sometime but dont know for sure.

well since i am with the distrect leader as my traininer, we get to go on trade offs every wedensday of everyweek during each transfer. this past week i got to go on a trade off with the zone leaders, they are in a town on the other side of the state, the town is traverse city. we also have distrect meetings every wedensday morning, this past wed it was in cheboygan, it was about a hour and a half away from alpena. then from cheboygen it was another 2 hours to traverse city. The Traverse city apartment their(the zone leaders) has foose ball, so we played one game of it before we went to bed. it was fun i lost thou big time 22 to 3 o well at least we had fun. but thats it for now

elder webster

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