Saturday, March 19, 2011

March 18, 2011

It is not long but it sounds like they are busy

hey well i have been busy this week. i was in 2 different areas for trade offs.
i was up in the U.P on wed with elder Mcmuride he is from Gooding, ID. he showed
me around a little and we have some apointments fall thou up their as well but
hey it is missionary work. but then the next morning we meet up with everyone
again in che-boy-gen to trade back but not me and elder smith. i stayed to
che-boy-gen agian with a different elder this time. i was with elder Sneed he is
from arizona. elder sneed and me went and tryed to talked to some less actives
and no one was home. but then we had a dinner apointment at 5 so we went their.
but the dinner apointment was good she just put it in a comtainer for us and we
took it home. then after that me and him wented and did and watched the byu game
for the finil 4 NCAA tourament and they won. and we get to watch all the games
also even if they are not on are p-days which is awsome. so me and elder sneed
was at their church house in the family history center watching it on the
computers it was fun, we didnt leave their tell around 930. we was up tell
almost 11 talking then we want to bed but we was both still wide awake so we
keep talking to each other tell we fell alseep. we didnt fall alseep tell around
midnight. and Elder Sneed said i fell alseep fast and was snoring really fast
once i fell alseep. and he said it was all in about 5 mins also. but we didnt
wake up tell around 730 or 8 am. but we did do are studys and everything. then
we had to meet up with Elder Smith(my compain) and Elder Deardon(Elder sneeds
compaion) half way to trade back. but we did get good news i guess this morning.
the training meeting is only 2 days instend of 4, but we have to have another
distrect meeting instend on thursday or friday. and one the following week as
well. but letters are getting done today michelle yours in on your way. same
with carl and desiree's. marissa's is still working on. and same with eric and
tabitha's and shad and senila's and same with yours mom and dad. and i got a
letter from elder clark and i wrote him back really fast cause i didnt know when
his p-day was. but thats it for now hope everything is going good with
everything, hope to hear from everyone soon.

elder webster

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