Saturday, June 11, 2011

June 11, 2011

hello everyone
hey how is everyone? how has the week gone? Ya the package that you send me mom ya i didnt get a loaf of bread but i got the rest of the things and i could not read the letters that you send me i was trying to make them out to read them but i couldnt so i had to thorw them away cause they was wet from the stuff that was in the package. well this week has been preety crazy with a lot of apointments and getting new investigators and stuff we went from having 12 investigators to now 22 investigators so that is way good.  but Holt is doing really good with all of the people that we are teaching. We had 21 lessons this week which is way good and 10 new investigators. ya we have the car tell wedensday the 15th then we have to give it up to the charlotte elders when we have a meeting down in jackson with the jackson elders and the jonesville elders as well. so we will not have a car from next wedensday tell the following wedensday but that is a new transfer. but transfer calls are next friday the 17th we find out who is staying and who is leaving and elder cox thinks that he is going to stay and i am going to leave which will be ok with me. so i will let everyone know next saturday when i eamil again. We have a apartment insecption on tuseday president Jones is going to be doing them from what we hear. We got a call on thursday evening the 9th about it so we have not had that much time to clean, the reason why we are guessing is cause President Jones wants all the apartmens to be clean when the new mission president(President Hess) gets here in july 1st. ya we had Zone Conference last monday the 6th and it went really good. the Lansing ward made us lunch which was really nice. it went from 10 am tell almost 4pm so it was really good.
Things are still the same with me and elder cox. i really hope that i do get transfered and i keep telling him that not everyone is perfect but it seems like he doesnt even care at all half the time. so i just deal with it and when i write to the mission president i tell him what has been going on with me and him. i am learning more and more each day but it takes me a while to learn it and it seems like that elder cox doesnt understand it but o well what can i do. the 14 year old girl is doing good she is out of town right now cause their is not school now they are out for the summer so a lot of people are out of town for a while but she is going to be back in 2 weeks and then we are going to pick right back up well we left off. the ward mission leader is doing good we meet with him once a week to go over things and get things going as well with the ward and everything else. we are going to be having 2 maybe even 4 or 5 more baptisms coming up next mouth some time we dont know for sure when we just set a goal with some people about getting baptised and they want to but they have to get some things out of the way.
Sounds like you have to get up at the time that you used to get up at which is 4 am so you should be use to that, you wont need a alarm clock to wake u you up just kidding. are you going to get paid for driving them up their hope so, that is a lot of runners that is going to be running in the race. ya i didnt here that tom was fried that is spudpit that he got fried they should of gave him a reason why at least and i hope that when i get back that i will be getting a job back their for a while that way i dont really have to find one which i still will. ya i think that brad would of stopped that of him getting fried cause tom is a good worker, and brad knows that at least i think he does. but thats it and letters are going to be in the mail hopefully not much time to write but hopefully they will be in the mail this next week or the week after for everyone.
Elder Webster

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  1. So everyone that reads this blog that doesnt know, Tom did get fired from Broulims and looking for a new job.