Saturday, June 18, 2011

June 18, 2011 Email

hey everyone
        hey how is everyone? how is the weather their? Is everyone staying out of trouble? well we got the call yesturday(friday) and i am getting transfered and i am going to a town called Greenville, MI. i am going to be with elder Deardon i have gone on trade offs with him before when i was up in Alpena. so i know how he works a little even tho it was raining and snowing all the time when i was their or well. so i am going to be with him for 7 weeks this transfer. elder Deardon only has 6 more mouths left on his mission so he is coming to his time to go home. He has been in greenville for 3 mouths now and i am going to be their for me birthday as well. so this next transfer is going to be a good one with elder Deardon. ya i am going to send home my SD card here next week with a letter as well so dont worry i am going to get pics off of it before i send it thou. are impartment insection went good we past with flying colors well this past week in Holt we have had a lot of lessons so far as of today we have had 21 lessons and we still have 2 more tonight. ya on wedensday was are last distrect meeting with everyone and what we decied to do as a distrect was to get distrect t-shirts which are way sweet. cause we always went out to the same place to eat every wedensday after distrect meeting.
ya the weather here has been really hot in the 90's all the time and then some days really humid as well and i dont do humid. I can see why chris went though some many cloths everyday while he was serving in Holt. It rained here a few nights ago but just anough to get the ground wet and thats it nothing to bad. sounds like you are picking up your game in both golfing and bowling which is a bad thing jk dad that means when i get home i will have to get better to beat you lol. so what is the story with teton lanes. are they going to re-open it for the summer or keep ot closed tell school gets back in for both high school and collage. wow that is a lot of rain i dont think that their has been that much rain on the back nine before that i know of anyway.
 so their you go. but thats it for now letters will be in the mail soon and hope to hear from EVERYONE soon.
love elder webster

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