Monday, June 6, 2011

June 6, 2011 Yeah we finally heard from him

hello everyone
well sorry about no email last week the libaray was being crazy last week they would not let me get a card but this week we went to the south lansing libaray and they let us and it will work at both so that is good. ya we dont have a family history center in are building it is at the lansing stake center and that is out of are area. well if you didnt hear we had a baptism last saturday and it went really good. there was only a few people there but thats ok cause their was another one after words as well. but ya the baptism went better then we had planed both me and elder cox spoke and someone in the ward baptised him and he really like it which is way good, elder cox said that every baptism that he has a date that he wants members to do them for the person or whoever is getting baptised is getting to know the ward/branch or the different people a lot better. we might be having 2 more baptism next mouth towds the first part of the mouth to sometime, which will polly be the week after the 4th of july cause i beat a lot of people will be out of town that weekend. but we also have a lot of different investigators as well so thats good that way we wont run out of people to teach. latey we have not had time to teach less actives cause of how many lessons we have each day. we ave about 5 a day.
thats good the marissa past her math class i told her that she could do it, she just had to belive in herself. so is the loft all done for you can put stuff in the shed now and get everything out of the garage and have mikeal working again. and for he can get off of his butt and work lol. when are the edelmayers going to do that. maybe for the new roof dad you can have people from the ward to come and help you out and maybe the missionaries for service. that is a good idea. well tell shon that i would be their at the ball games but i am out here but i am their in spirit and telling him good job. well happy anniversary mom and dad hope you have a good one. and hope that you can get away from everyone for the day. we have a few all you can eat places but we dont gout that much cause we get feed by the members a lot but not this mouth cause i guess a lot of people will be out of town for the summer and there is no school going on at MSU just summer class. school wont start back up agian tell august sometime early september just like high school. thats good that the sput drive in is going to be open for the summer cause there is a lot of people that goes on dates their on friday and saturday night. ya you did tell me about teton lanes but thats good that they are hopefully opening in 2 weeks ya crose your fingers
elder cox is doing good i guess. he has been putting me down somedays which is not a good thing. and it has not been just once or twice but a lot of times. but i guess i can take it with me when i get transfered for i know not to do with my other compaions that i will be with. we wont meet are new mission president tell in july cause he comes in on july 1st at 10am. then we will meet him at another zone conference. we had a zone conference today from 10am tell 4pm and it was a way good meeting. well the weather here has been really hot and i mean really hot. last sunday not yesturday(3rd) but the sunday before that we had to stay inside cause we got a call cause we got a ternator warning but it was a bad one there was one that touched down about 15 mins away from us but it was only down for 15 secs but it did a lot of damaged to a lot of peoples yard and people was without power for 4 days, but then some people only was without power for 20 hours, but we had power which was good. i cant belive that jake has been out for that long wow where did the time go. ya i get to burn a tie on my 6 mouth mark and i have a way old tie that a ward member gave me from up in alpena that i am going to burn. but thats all for now hope to get emails from EVERYONE SOON.
elder webster

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