Saturday, June 18, 2011

Long Post of Pictures Elder Webster

Joe was able to send a few pictures through the email so it was awesome.
Elder Dearden
Elder Webster's new companion for this new transfer
Lansing Holt District
LtoR Back Row:
Cox, Furniss, Callester, Ames, Jones, Jessep Webster
Front Row:
Celey(Zion Leader), Martin(Zion Leader), Carly

L to R E. Davis, E. Merdrum, E. Sorsern, E. Curtis
E. Webster, E. Ballard

L to R Back Row:
 E. Sneed, E. Smith(Joe's Trainer) E. Coolbear
Front Row:
E. Dearden, E. Webster, E. Mccmurridee
The Minton Family in Alpena
Daughter, Ricky Jr
Ricky Sr, E. Webster, Wendy

Jello eating Contest, on P-day
Zion P-day with all Elders/Sisters

More fun and games on p-day

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