Saturday, June 25, 2011

June 25, 2011

hello everyone,
well i am now in Greenville with elder Deardon, he only has a little over 5 mouths left he goes home on december he came out when chris Dustin went home. Right now we dont have as many apointment as in Holt but that is ok cause we was going like crazy but that is good that their is a lot of apointment in Holt but not so fun riding bikes a lot and right now we have a car but i dont know if we give the car up or not. ya Elder Deardon was pretty excited to hear that i was going to be his new compaion and i was to cause we had fun when we was on trade offs when we both was up north. Greenville is a small town it is a ward a way small ward they say it should be a branch of how small it is but their is a lot of people that dont come to church everyweek and elder Deardon he does a lot of less active work more with less actives then investigators. on Wed their was a funell that was in the ward so we went to it and i met a lot of people their that is in the ward and their was a lot of people that is not members that was their. their is a ward mission leader but elder Deardon said he is not a very good one at all he does not do any missionary work for the ward. but not to much going on right noe in Greenville the members here are way nice so far but i will be meeting a lot of them tommorow during church. and elder Dearden is going to teach me how to play gutair on are P-days when we have nothing to do. ask Chris Dustin was areas he served in when he was here in Michigan.
sounds like eric was pretty excited to go camping, what was it for. sounds like eric had a lot of things that he wanted to get for the campout. well we are at the libary so if the email doesnt make since is cause we dont have much time to do it here. but we can go to the community center and do it as well but not today cause we are going with some ward members and going to a open house in a town called belding that is in are area. and i herd this past week that the church for greenville used to be in belding tell they build a churchh here in greenville but i dont know how long ago it was that they did that. ya i know that kade can hit the ball way long but i didnt know that long. wow that is a long ways for a drive i dont think that i can even hit that far away but with practice i think i can. me and elder Dearden we went bowling and i beat him i like those lanes that they have here in greenville they have OIL on them and they are not DRY like at teton lanes. ya this week it a short letter cause not that much time while we are in the libary we only have a hour to do it here unless we go somewhere else. and the family history center wont let us and i dont know why but thats ok we have a few more places that we can go and email. but thats all for now letters should be in the mail this next week hope to hear from everyone soon. love ya
Elder Webster

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