Saturday, July 23, 2011

July 23, 2011

hey everyone

well i am coming up on being out on a mission for 6 mouths now. coming up on August 2nd. so how is everyone doing? me and elder Dearden are doing good we are surving the way hot weather. this past week the weather has been in the 90's and then on top of that the humid as been close to 100 so it feels like 115 to 120 degress outside. well on wedensday we had interviews with the new mission president Hess. then we had distrect meeting and the interviews went good and while one of the compaion was getting interviewed the other copmaion was with sister Hess, cause she was getting to now all of us missionaries. then after all of that was done with we was in a town called Ceder Springs the rest of the day and we was door nocking and we went up to this house and their was a teenager around 18 we was guessing and he seemed interrested of learning more, but right before we was going to asked him when we could come back his mom came up and asked what church we are from and we told her then she shamed the door in are face. but we was door nocking for 2 hours that day cause we didnt have anything else to do and Ceder Springs is 30 mins away from Greenville, so we didnt want to drive back to Greenville and drive back to Ceder Springs. we have the car tell wedensday then we have to give it up to the Grand vally elders, so we wont have a car for a week which wont be to bad i hope anyway. are area in Greenville is the biggest in the stake right now and i dont know why ether from bottom to top it is over 60 miles long. and from west to east it is over 70 miles long that way so we have a good size area. We still have a baptism for the 30th we have to get a interview for her on wedensday when the distrect leader is here on a trade off with me. well on thursday we did about 2 hours of service for a few people. then we went over to a members house and had dinner and then we was their for the rest of the evening hanging out with them and playing cards. today(saturday) we had a ward pickneck for the 24th and some people slept over night last night(friday) but we had a lunch and a lot of games. their was hose shones and a few more it was a good turn out. Ya the Stevens family live in Belding. their is a swich away son with the dad in the Stevens family. he was baptized when he was in his teens then slat lake lost his reconds and he has had the lessons 3 or 4 times but he has to talk with the bishop about a few things and everything and i dont know when he wants to get baptized cause it is up to the person when they want to, we just set the date and it is up to them.

well thats good that the drive way is good, ya i thought i told mikeal that are road was a busy road. but o well, i have not got a letter from him yet. and thanks for the pics and and the package. the sim card is going to be coming in the mail this next week in chelle's letter. Ya i have not got a letter yet from ya it you send it out yesturday(friday) it wont be here tell tuesday or wedensday. and the same with packages as well. sounds like you are going to have a good job in the temple. elder Dearden's birthday i dont know but i think it is around december sometime cause thats when her entered the MTC. He came out in the mission when Chris Dustin went home. dad sounds like you are getting better at golfing and bowling as well. ya when i come home i will need to get all my clubs regribbed for me. but thats it for now letters will be coming soon. i have a few i need to take to the post office that is the only way that we send them out here in Greenville is to take them to the post office. love ya all

Elder Webster

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