Saturday, July 16, 2011

Short but Sweet July 16

hey everyone
hey how is everyone doing? how is the weather their? i am doing good trying to stay cool. it has been way hot here this past week and today(saturday) as well. this past week it has been a good week and a long week as well. This past week we have been over at a part members familys house for 3 days cause they are way awsome to be with and to hang out with as well. The familys name is the Stevens, there is 3 kids that are living at home and both of the parents as well. and the only one that is not a member is the dad but he did get baptised a long time ago but then they lost the reconds and he has took the lessons like 3 or 4 times and so he just has to do a baptismal date but he has some ?'s about some things as well. one of the ?'s is why do we as members HAVE to go to church every sunday. ya on wed we had distrect meeting up in a town called Big Rapids it is a hour away from greenville and we had to get a ride from a member their then we got a car to come back to greenville with, cause we are on rotaions with 2 other areas. ya when we got the car their was a flat and the missionaryies that had it before us they ran over a nail in the tire on the way up to Big Rapids so it was not their fault so we had to get a patch. but other then that we have had a good week. We had a baptism today and it went really good. their was 15 people there watching it. and we also have a baptism tommorow(sunday) as well. the one tommorow is also part of a part member family as well.
Sounds like you was having a good week and sounds like you put mikael to work at the house. Did he have fun at all? ya the package that you send to me mom i have to go and get it from the post office, they put a card in the mail box that we have then we have to go and get it from the post office. since it was closed after 1 today we could not go and get it or else i would of. sounds like everyone is doing good and staying out of trouble. tell Lance hi for me and get his adddress for i can write him and give him me address as well for we can stay in touch while he is on his mission as well. thanks. wow i cant belive that Jameson Rammell is home already wow where did the time go to soon i will be but in the year of 2013 i will. thats good that elder Forsgren is doing better with his compaion and sometimes that is the way to go. sometimes you just have to talk with him and to it face to face. ya sorry this is not a longger email but not much has been going on here in Greenville. but thats all for now hope to hear from everyone soon letters will be coming soon. by the way happy birthday shad and same with you k.j and tell happy birthday to ryan as well.
Elder Joseph Webster

Also They just had a baptism today July 16 his name is Chad Edmonds, Then they have a part member baptism tomorrow July 17, and then 1 on July 30th, He forgot to mention that in is email. elder webster is doing good and sounds happy, pictures are coming soon. 

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