Sunday, July 31, 2011

Being Prepared

hey everyone,
well its my birthday coming up on monday the 1st of August. how is everyone doing? so how did the webster reunion go and where was it at this year? tell everyone hi for me as well. well this past week was a crazy week. We have been busy and it has been a long week with nothing to do on somedays and a lot to do on the other days. to start off with yesturday(friday) we was at the Greenville Area Community Center helping out with serivce and out of the blue are phone goes off. we was like who could that be and then we saw and it was the mission president calling us, President Hess. he was calling us cause he was only 15 mins away and wanted to see us and to talk to us and see how things was going. well on top of that are apartment was not clean and we had no car and we was 2 miles away from are apartment so we was runnung as fast as we could to get back to the apartment to clean it up well he beat us their and so we went in and he looked at are apartment and took a look around and then we was talking for about 30 to 45 mins about stuff. and on top of that we was in are service cloths and not in are shirt and ties. well this past week has been a long week with everything going on. on wed we had distrect meeting here in greenville and we found out that the Zoin leaders was coming and no one knew tell they called us at 7 in the morning to find out what the churchs address was. but then we had trade offs and i stayed in greenville with the distrect leader, elder Bready. and we had a good day and we also went door nocking for a little bit but while we was door nocking it started to ran on us and so we kept going cause where we was door nocking we was by are dinner apointment, and are dinner apointment was at 5:30. so we was door nocking tell then well when we went inside it stop raining, then after the apointment we cointue to door nock where we stoped at. and when we went outside side and when we hit the 2nd door the rain came down so hard it was not even funny we was so wet. so then we went walked back are dinner apointment and asked for a ride to are apartment and they gave us one. and when we got back to are apartment it was still down pulling rain and we took a vedio. Elder Bready said that this rain strom has been the longest one and the wroste rain strom that he has seen here in Michigan. and we took some pics as well.
well we have a baptism today(saturday) at 4 pm and right noe it is 12:30 and we have to be at the church at 1 to start to fill up the font cause it takes 3 hours to fill it up. the person that is getting baptised her name is Judy Lafferty and her mom is a member and same with her daughter and her sister and brothers are to. so she is the only one that is not a member but her husbend is not a member but he doesnt want anything to do with are church. whenever we go and teach Judy he went in the other room and watched tv or went outside. ya Elder Dearden he started to teach her when he first got here to Greenville. but me and Elder Dearden we was the ones that set the date with her. well we have a family in the ward named the Zima's and they have a non member family that came to the 24th ward pickneck that we had last week. and they want to learn more about are church and in the family they have 11 kids so their is 13 of them altogether. but first the dad and mom want to learn more beofre they get their kids to learn more so the Zima's(members) they are inviting them to dinner next saturday and we are going to teach them a lesson and more about the gosbel. so this past week has been a long week here in greenville and transfers are coming up again we get a call on friday August 5th to see whats going on and to see where we are going to be going. Elder Dearden thinks he is going to be leaving and that i am going to get a new companion but who knows. but i will let you know next week when we find out. but got to go and get the stuff ready for the baptism today(saturday) talk to everyone later.
elder webster

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