Saturday, July 9, 2011

July 8, 2011

hey how is everyone? hope everyone has had a good week and everything is going good. The weather here has been really warm but not has humid as it has been in the past. but tommorow(sunday) and on monday it is going to be in the 90's and way humid.
ya we went down to Grand Rapids on thursday to meet the new mission president. President Hess and that went really well, we was in the meeting for a little over 2 hours. on monday for the 4th we had a good day but we didnt do any fireworks but it was a good day. ya on tuesday we meet with are ward mission leader and also had dinner with them as well. then on wedensday we didnt have distrect meeting cause we had meeting the president the next day so they didnt want to take 2 days out of are days in are area. so they just had one day. so on wedensday we went out to a members place in a town called ceder springs and they are a awsome family and they play card games like scum and a few other ones as well. and then we had to give the car up on thursday to the grand rapids 2 elders. their is 3 different set of elders in the grand rapids area, the zion leaders another set of elder and then the grand vally elders. then yesturday(friday) we went the the Greenville area community center(GACC) and helped out for awile then we went to a familys for awile in Belding. their name is the stevens and they are a less active and also a part member family as well. then today(saturday) we went to their house again they game and pick us up and we helped them out at their yard sale and now it is after 8 here and finnaly we get to email.
ya now for a little news about the missionary work. it is going good we are ave about 13 to 14 lessons a week here in greenville. we have 3 baptisms coming up one on the 16th(saturday), then on the 17th(sunday) after church, then we have one on the 30th(saturday). we are also walking along the river a lot as well. their is a walking path that goes all the way around greenville and by the river so we walk it and talk to people as we do. we have a new investigator that we are teaching on the path every thursday about the book of mormon and about the church. but church here in greenville is good. and the area is like home. this area their is a lot of awsome members and they treat us really good. they help us out as much as they can.
thats good that they are getting the drive way done. yes i do want some pics as well. k so for my sd card chelle i am going to send it but i do want some pics printed out and send back to me please cause i have not had time to print them out at all so i am just going to send it home and you can send the pics to me. thanks chelle. sounds like everything is going good and everyone is having fun. but thats it for now letters will be in the mail soon. love ya
love elder Joseph Webster

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