Tuesday, July 5, 2011

July 5, 2011

hey everyone

hey how is everyone doing? well the reason why their was no emil on Saturday was because we could not get to any computer at all. and we are at a members house right now for the 4th of July. we have a few fireworks we are going to be shooting off tonight. well this past week has been crazy here in Greenville. We had a distrect meeting in Grand Rapids this last week and i went off trade offs with the distrect leader's companion. and are distrect leader is up in big rapids this transfer. so now this week we are meeting the new mission president on the 7th so Thursday, and we have interviews as well with him. so it will be fun at least everyone is hoping. Everyone from the Grand Rapids zone is going to be their, so it is going to be like zone conference but not really at the same time.  ya the ward here in greenville is doing great we are getting feed everyday, and from what elder Dearden has said this is a big improvement. The members used not to feed the missionaries tell 2 mouths ago. now we are getting feed everyday which is good. 

We went to a open house 2 weeks ago and it was for someone that graduated from high school. ya i figured that tom and Michelle would be out in rexburg helping with fireworks. ya we are with a family for the 4th of July and they gave us stakes to eat, and they was way good. and me and elder Dearden have some fireworks we are going to shoot off sometime. and get this Michigan has some of the same laws that Idaho does with the fireworks. that's good that tom and Mikael is going to get the drive way done. me and elder Dearden has been busy this last week not as busy as i was least transfer tho. but o well we are having fun with the spear time that we have. i have taught him hand and foot and he has taught me a card game as well so it has been fun so far this transfer together. ya when we went shopping on Friday we went and got some fishing stuff as well. and we also bought food for 2 weeks as well. so dad i have a ? for ya or mom. can you send me some of my fishing stuff i don't need a rode but i need a real where the string goes in at. and i also need some of the stuff that i have in the tackor box as well. ya me and elder Dearden went fishing on Saturday out at a members house they live on a lake. but it was so warm and humid we could not catch anything at all so we are going to try again some time next week when we have a car again. we give up the car on Thursday when we go down to grand rapids to meet president Hess (new mission president). so we have had some fun here is Greenville. well every Monday morning we go running with a member along the river at 630 in the morning. he used to be in the army but he has to stay in shape still. so we go running with him and we go running almost 2 miles each time then we walk back to his house which is 2 miles back, so it is good. o we have 3 baptisms coming up in 2 to 3 weeks, which is good. but that's it for now hope to hear from everyone soon. letters will be out this week some time hopefully. Sim card will come this next week don't worry going to get some 4th of July pics then i will send it off but that's it for now love everyone.

Elder Webster

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