Monday, October 31, 2011


well first off i am getting transfered down to Grand Vally it is right above Grand Rapids it is only a 30 min drive from Greenville. i am going to be with elder Korher he is from Ammon, IDaho so not to far away from rexburg. He went to Skyline high school and he granduated the same year i did from high school. and i talked to the Assitends to the mission President about the Mclains and they said since i am only 30 mins away from Greenville that i can come back for the baptisms which is good. o we got a email from the mission office and they are moving and so here is the new address for everyone and i do know the address of where i am going, but i dont have it on me i forgot to grap the paper i wrote it down on. and it is a big town and it is a big ward. their is a post office their and a lot of stores also. we are going to be living in a apartment. we are in the same distrect as Greenville is so we might be going to Greenville sometimes for Distrect meeting if not down in Grand Rapids at the Stake center.
Michigan Lansing Mission
1400 Abbott Road, Suite 310
East Lansing, MI 48823
ya we are going trick or treating tonight with them and another family in Belding and we are going to be dressing up as missionaries lol. we are going around 6 pm tonight and so i have to make sure all of my stuff is packed and ready to go for tommorow, we are having brother Longtin coming and picking us up in the morning and he is taking us out to breakfast then taking us to the stake center for transfers. ya mom i dont know about the care packages ya food is always good for us missionaries and same with toilet paper, socks, and winter stuff as well. o i need some new shoes so i am going to be going and getting some next week when i am down in Grand Vally. and i also need a new winter coat cause i dont know what happed to the inside on mine. so i was thinking mom if you just want to put in my accout that would me good then i can go out and buy one and i wont have to wait for it to get sent to me. i have my boats but i dont think we can have sownpants but i can asked on tuesday when i talked to the assitents at transfers. my white shirts are their i do need some new ones. umm i dont know about chrismans yet i will let you know thou here in the next few weeks if that helps. i did let the Mclains and the Kavanughs know about me getting transfered and i can keep in touch with them as well which is good. ya it is getting way good on sunday when we got a ride to church it was in the low 20's when we woke up but it warmed up to 32 but still it is getting COLD outside and i am not looking forward to it. o well.
well this past week as been the slowest that Greenville as seen in a very long time but o well. This past Wedensday we had distrect meeting down in Grand Rapids and the Zone Leaders was their so it was good. we all went out for lunch afterwords at MickyD's then we got a ride back from are Bishop but he was late picking us up from the stake center and so we was late for a few apointment but we called them to let them know and they was fine with it. Other then that we got the call on Friday around 1030 in the morning and so it was good. and i called Grand Vally just to talk with them around noon and they said that they have 2 baptisms coming up here in a few weeks but then i called them later that night after 930 pm and they have 2 more dates with people so i am going in a place that has been really good for baptisms. Grand Vally and Greenville is the 2 of the best places in the mission right now for baptisms which is good. Well the next day we went down to the community center and talked to a few poeple cause their was a frae market going on their from 9 to 3pm and so we got their around 1 pm and we stayed and helped taked it down and we had to help put up for a wedding reception and also a funeal down starits and their was only 4 of us doing that. and the wedding the the funeal both started at 5 so we was was busy setting up for the both of them and getting everything ready. Elder Robles new companion is going to be elder Meng and no he is not from China lol he has only been out for 4 and a half mouths in his mission and Greenville will be his 2nd area he has been up in the U.P. I have only been in the Grand Vally apartment for a few mins everytime we are their when the whole mission got new beds we had their with us so we went and took them to their apartment so i know what it looks like. and Grand Vally and Greenville is on a car rotation so Greenville dosent have a car right now tell tuseday and then they get the car so i will be walking for 2 weeks which i guess wont be bad. so when you write to me let everyone know the address all of the family and friends as well. but hope to hear from you soon got a few other people to email love ya
elder Webster

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