Tuesday, October 11, 2011

Another Week Gone By

hello everyone,
another week as gone by wow where has the time gone to. How is everyone doing? how is the fall over their. it has been in the 70's and 80's here in Michigan and everyone has been saying that this is not like Michigan at all it is like a indain summer we know how that is from being in idaho some years and even in the teton vally as well. well it is suppose to rain on tuesday but who knows it is like being in Idaho people never know what the weather is going to be like. got the package on friday we didnt get it tell we got home after we leaved to stevens and so i have the paper for her mom. and thanks for all of the icepops they are going to be used up. well last night(sunday night) i called the assistents cause they said that i can call them anytime and just talk and see how things are going, well we was talking for almost 20 mins again about a few things and well elder DeHart is one of the assistents and he told me that we have interviews with the mission President on saturday morning and we didnt even know that so i called are distrect leader and i asked him about that and he was just about to call us and tell us that we have interviews and i told him that i just got done talking with the Assistents about a few things and they said interviews and he just found out about that as well that night from the Zone leaders and he asked me why i was talking to them cause i guess some other missionaries has been talking to them as well so i told are distrect leader that they said that i can call them and talked to them anytime that i need someone to talk to about what has been goin on with me and Elder Robles. well we have stake Conference this weekend as well both on saturday and sunday but we dont have to go to the meetings on saturday but we have to on sunday so we have to find a ride with a members.
Ok so now missionary work. this past week has been a long week on tuesday and wedenday we was busy like crazy we had the bishop with us on tuesday and another member with us all day his name is sean(like shawn but spelled different) and he was awsome with some of the people that we are teaching. we also ran into some of the Less Actives as well and we sharded a message with them and it went good. so this coming wedensday the 12th we have 10 apointments all in one day so we are going to be dead tried that day good thing they are all within 1 mile of everyone. and are 1st apointment is at 11:30 and are last one is at 7 pm that night and that is are dinner apointment with the stones and so we are going to be in Ceder Springs that day. well on Friday we was out at the Mclains and we went over the baptismal questions with them and they are ready to get baptised they just need to find more info from salt lake which they did yeasturday(sunday) st church we had the stake President there and so they got more news which was good. so hopefully we can get them baptised before i leave greenville and if i do. we find out about transfers here in a few weeks on the last friday of this mouth. we have not been able to get ahold of the Kavaunghs lataly and so we have not been able to teach them anymore about the church. but yeaturday at church we have 4 investigators come which was good, the Mclains came and same with a investigator that we door knocked into a few weeks ago we finnaly met with her this past week and when we door knocked into her so said that she was going to come to church the first week but she had things come up at the last min and same with last week but she finnaly came and she brought a friend with her as well. her friend is a member of the church but less active but she lives in another word or branch somewhere else. she said that she really like it which is good. she has a little 2 year old daughter and she let her go into nersly and everytime she went and checked on her, her daughter was doing good. well we didnt teach the pristhood lesson yesturday cause the stake president was their.
Coach Buck is not doing so good this year for madison hope they dont let him go again. he needs to win the last 2 games. i am going to send a email with just pics in their for everyone from the past 4 mouths that i have been here. ya me and elder Robles went bowling last week and wow i think i have not bowled like that in years i only had 1 game above 100 and that was a 132 game their lanes are slick and i am not used to that i am used to not having that much oil on the lanes cause on teton Lanes. but o well i had a few stircks in the 3 games that we did. so thats not bad for a 171 ave to start of the year but you should be bowling a lot better then that dad lol... well thats all for now got to write some other people and send a email of pics to ya, letters will be in the mail this week.
elder Webster

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