Monday, October 17, 2011

October 17th

hello everyone,
well first off Transfers are coming up again and they can be ether on the 31st of this mouth or on the 1st of next mouth just all depends on where you are going. If transfers are on the 31st that means that you are going up north somewhere in Michigan and if they are on the 1st of next mouth that means that you are ether staying in the zone(stake) that you are in or staying down south of Michigan. that reason for the 2 day transfer is cause when they take the missionaries that are going up north is cause they have to leave around 6 in the morning from Lansing to get to the middle of the state and then that is where they are dropped off. next we had Interviews on last Saturday with the mission President, President Hess in Grand Rapids so we had district meeting that day as well which was ok with me. well i was the first one to go for interviews and i was talking with him for over 15 mins in the interview about a few things and everything that has been going on with me and elder Robles. then earlier in the week we got a phone call from a past investigator that elder Robles was teaching in a different area about someone that he baptized. the person that he baptized past away earlier in the week and the services was on Saturday as well so we got to go to that cause it was down in Grand Rapids and boy was Saturday a long day for us. we was down in Grand Rapids from 8:30 in the morning tell 5:30 that evening. well Wednesday we had 7 appointment and we was only able to teach 2 lessons but we still had dinner with the stones but we didn't share a message with them cause the bishop came and so he took us home cause he was going that way and it saved a trip for Jason stone and gas for him as well. the 2 appointment that we had was with 1 investigator and a less active lady in the ward. we was able to visit with another investigator but that it so it was a long day that day. but hopefully this next Wednesday we can have a better day cause we have trade offs with a different area. and i am staying in Greenville and the District Leader elder Bready is going to be coming here with me and elder Robles is going to go up to Big Rapids o i was talking with the Zone Leaders on Saturday and i told them that i have been talking to the Assistants and asked them if i can do a trade off with the Zone Leaders and they said maybe they would have to talk with them about that, cause the Zone Leaders does about 10 trade offs a transfers cause they do trade offs with all of the district leaders and also with the new missionaries that has came out in the mission. but other then that the week has been a way slow week for teaching and also finding for some odd reason but we are hoping that this week we can get back into things and have lots of appointments and time for finding as well. well last night i was talking with are district leader on the phone and he got word that their was a emergency transfer in the mission and we lost some elders that was in are district they went to another district and so we have only 6 elders instend if 8 elders o well. and their was 15 areas that was involved with that but we wasn't dang it opps did i say that haha lol. The elder Quorum President is Jason Stone and they do not have any kids at all. they live in Ceder Springs they are the ones that feed us every Wednesday, he works down in Grand Rapids and he makes different designs for a lot of things.
the Kavanugh family came and picked us up on Saturday night from the Stevens but no the Kavanughs live on the other side of Greenville then belding, they live on the north side on greenville closer to where the Zima's live at. but we was able to visit with them while they took us back to are apartment which was good elder Robles finally got to meet him. first thing that Native said was hi of course but what is your first name? and so he told him native and his family call us by are first name but o well. it is not the first time that we have had to say are first name to anyone and it polly wont be the last ether. and we have not set a date with the family yet we are hoping here in a few weeks we will be able to. so the Mclains now we was able to meet with them on Friday and a member came with us and it was the ward mission leader. all we are waiting on for them is the papers still from salt lake city and they are with the stake President which is good and now just the bishop has to get the papers from him and then we can set a baptism Day with them. well stake conference was down in Grand Rapids yesterday(Sunday) and so we was down their for 2 days in a row. but stake conference went good President Hess was their and he spoke and so everyone in the ward but a few cause they was not their knows who he is now. and this is the first stake conference here in this stake but the 2nd one on my mission so far. and most likely i will have 2 more before i come home but who knows. i have not had to speak in church yet but knock on wood lol...
so all of the wood is in for everyone huh? that is good no more cutting word for a while right lol.. I will keep grandma and Grandpa in my prayers for they both can get better tell them that i love them and that heavenly father does as well. ok thanks mom for the letter and i wait for the package with the cloths in their for me. i cant remember the elders name that is from Ammon area i well tell you in a letter and you can let everyone else know as well. once again transfers are going to be ether on the 31st of this mouth or on the 1st of next mouth. wow Madison basketball already wow where has the time gone to. is mikael going to help with the freshmen again do you know? the tigers lost huh dang o well they did pretty good this year but we herd yesterday from a member we was at his house and the loins game was on and they lost o well they cant win every game lol.. but that's all for now got to elder the mission President and a few other people as well hope everyone is doing good, hope to hear from everyone soon.
love ya
elder Webster

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