Tuesday, October 25, 2011

October 24, 2011

hello everyone,
well this coming Friday is when we find out about transfer, we will be getting the call ether from the Zone Leaders, if we get a call from them it will be from 8 in the morning tell 9 sometime and it means we are staying together for another transfer. If we get a call from are mission President it will be from 9 in the morning tell sometime around 1 or 2 just really all depends. but it means that one of us are going to be leaving the area. and then next week is transfer just all depends on where you are going is when you are getting transferred. wow Madison won that is like a basketball score 75 to 52 where was the defense at. i wonder what everyone was thinking when it went up that high, that's just crazy. dang maybe next year Madison can make it to the playoffs. ya we hear about the sports all the time from a few members if not people tell us at the door when we go door knocking. i miss Rupes that is a good place to eat at, are they still trying to come to rexburg? what kind of job is Eric trying to get? i know when i went out to go and get the mail i was like wow that is a heavy package i was like what could be in here. and i opened it up and i was like Potatoes and they was even from Idaho i was like wow thanks mom. ya sometimes we don't have dinner tell around 8 in the evening as well cause when we don't have dinner appointment we just don't go back to are apartment tell 8 that night and then have dinner. but when we do have dinner appointments we have then around 5 or 6 with the members when they feed us. when did Horkleys change their name and why did someone buy it from them. but it still will be known as Horkleys though. ya i didn't get the pic sorry.
Mission work is going good it is picking up a little bit and slow but it is getting their. we picked up a few new people that we are teaching now, which is good. This week has gone by fast, elder Robles is doing alright he doesn't feel good today and same with me we both think it is something we ate on Saturday we know it was not yesterday cause what we ate was really good, a member feed us. but he has a bad headache and a stomache ache as well. we had apartment check last Saturday the 22nd someone from the mission office came and check are apartment and we passed ya but we just have to do a few things. Well Trade offs was good it could of gone better o well things happen that's why we have trade offs for we can get better as missionaries. The Investigators are doing good now we still have not herd on any news about the McLains maybe when we go over their they will tell us if they herd anything. he really wants me to be their for it and same with elder Dearden. but he did tell us on Sunday at church it might be only a couple of weeks but he was not sure if it is for the church chort or for the baptism he wasn't sure he still needed to talk to the bishop about that. none that has a baptismal date yet but hopefully here soon we will. we only get a car for a week so we did get it but only tell Wednesday and that's district meeting and we are going to have the Zone Leaders their for it and hopefully it is going to be here in Greenville that way we don't have to travel anywhere and it is in the middle of the areas as well. The Stevens is going good sister Stevens she is good like always the family haven't been out to church yet every weekend they always have someone over to spent the night. The Kavanughes we have not been able to get out their at all and they have not been out to church. This transfer we have only been at are church every other week cause of Stake Conference and General Conference and so it has been really crazy with everything. well hope everything is going good that's all for now. glad to hear from everyone. love ya
Elder Webster

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