Wednesday, August 1, 2012

Happy Birthday and 18 month mark

hello everyone,
well thank you for the birthday package. i cant believe that i am 21 years old, where has the time gone to and that i am 18 months out as well. the package came this morning during companion study we herd the mail ladie come up the stairs and put it by are door. and don't worry i have only opened one present up cause i could see what it was. it was not raped all the way around. you know me mom it was polly good thing that you wrapped up the presents before you put them in the package cause i would of opened up the package anyway. thanks again mom. o when we got here to the library their was an member from down state in Michigan was up here in Gaylord for a scouting thing and as he was walking out of the library he turned around and came and gave us 20 bucks to go and get something for lunch today. on Thursday we had interviews with President Hess and i asked him when you guys and if you are still planning on coming and picking me up. i asked him if i could go to the temple here in Michigan with you after my mission and he said yes i can with you guys. and i got the letter with the pioneers things in it and they are cool. i read them one night and man i didn't know that the hills came from Canada that's just cool. ya i would of agree that the Websters and the ricks line would of been to big to send. but it is cool to read about where they came from. that's cool that Cameron got his mission papers back and going to Brazil. wow that is going to be a tuff language to learn but he can do it. man to bad i am not their to play against you dad in golf again this year o well nest year. o speaking of Utah i don't know if you want to but the Tisclers are going to be done with their mission on the last day on February so they will be speaking some time in march and i told them that you might what to go down for it and to meet them and they said that they would invite us over for dinner as well after words and to visit.
to start of for missionary work, we have 4 people with an baptismal date to get baptize. and 2 of them are going to get baptised on the 18th of this month and that is Nancy and Laura. they was the ones that was smoking and Laura has not smoked for over a week now and she is still dealing with some headaches from it and coaching like crazy but we told her that is normal from not smoking cause she is cleaning out her lungs of all that smoke and everything. and her headache is from not smoking and i told here that while i was back home and drinking Mountain dew a lot before i leaved and then i quit drinking it i got headaches as well but then i got over it. and are 2 other people with baptismal dates are going to get baptised on the 26th of August as well. it just seems like everyone that we work with has a thing that they have to over come in order to get baptized o well it is life. well to start off on Sunday we had 2 investigators come to church and they loved it. and on Tuesday we was up in Boyne city and that's where President Bleford lives and we go over their on Tuesdays for lunch and this Tuesday i took some pics and they are going to be in the email. his house is a ture cowboys house and everything in his house has an story behind it. and we also picked up 2 new investigators as well that day over in east Jordan. cause the Tischlers had to go over their and so we went with them and we picked up 2 new people to teach. on Wednesday we had trade offs with the Alpena Missionaries and i was with elder Cox(served with him before for 5 weeks when i was down in Holt). and we had taught some less actives and also 2 investigators that day as well. then on Thursday we had district meeting and interviews with President Hess and other district was their as well for interviews and well i was 2nd to last to go for interviews cause we didn't have travel anywhere. so their was 16 missionaries their. so he had a lot of interviews to do and he didn't get their tell 10:30 so elder Larsen and i was their tell little after 2pm just waiting. good thing we didn't have anything planned tell 3:30 that day lol. but interviews went really good with him. and on that day we also had 6 lessons as well which was crazy we was driving as fast as we could to get from appointment to appointment and to get their on time as well. and on Friday and Saturday we was down in grayling both days and we spent the night at an members home down their. on Friday was the only day that we could of got some door knocking in and to have lessons with people cause of an big festivable in grayling. it was the AuSable River festivable. and on Saturday we helped out with a lot of stuff like parking old fashion cars and i got pics i am going to send with the email as well don't worry. and dad you will like them. their was 115 cars that was their for the car show we would have had more but their was also 2 more different car shows somewhere else in Michigan going on at the same time as this one. and we also got feed 3 times that day by different members from the church though out the day. so all together for the week for are numbers we had 3 people come to church yesterday, we had 26 total lessons taught and out of those 26 lessons 5 of them was with members. and we got 3 new investigators to teach ya lol. so we had a busy week this past week with different things going on in are area and trade offs and meetings. we are just go go go with different things haha lol.
hey tabs got a ? for ya can you get me a number for me or go to the high school and talk to coach or Mr Phippes. he as the baseball coach and get his email for me cause i have been thinking about him lately and i had a ? for him as well. that would be great thanks tabs. while we was at President Blefords home one time he told us an story about an order guy and an Priest from another church. one Sunday the Priest went up the older guy and asked him why he kept coming to church every Sunday week after week after week cause he could hear, talked that good, and even sing and he was way old. and the older guy told the Priest that he was showing God what side he was on by going to church no matter what. and who's side the older guy was on Gods or Satan and it looks like the older guy was on God's side by going to church. so i thought that was cool so i was going to tell you about that in the email today. well that's all for now love ya and i hope you enjoy the pics. and i am going to send them in another email for ya but love ya and i hope you like them
love elder Webster

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