Monday, August 6, 2012

Post birthday 2 baptisms on August 18th

hello everyone,
good morning, afternoon, or evening lol. thank you for the birthday packages. Michelle thank you for the cookies and by the way they are half way gone. we ate some of them that night when i opened the package. i worn the tie that you gave me yesterday at church Michelle and a lot of people liked it and i like it as well. i had a good birthday and i also had a good 18 month mark as well. i was on trade off with another missionary on my birthday from kalkaska cause elder Larsen had to go to kalkaska to go and do an interview for someone that was getting baptised their. so i was with elder Sugur and we had an good time and get this when we got back to Gaylord that night cause me and elder sugur was in grayling all day we went to go and see Nancy and Laura(the two people that is going to be getting baptized here in an couple of weeks) Nancy had a card for me and also a gift card for an restaurant and well you guessed it. we went their for dinner that night and it was good. the weather here in getting cooler but it is still hot some days cause it is August and plus you never now the weather it can change within 5 mins. that's awesome that the elders had 2 or 3 baptisms last month. have you got a letter back from the elders yet that always came to the house for dinner. o mom before i forget i was talking with a ward mission leader in another area that i know. he lives down state along lake Michigan. and i have become good friends with him and i told him that you guys are planning on coming out to come and get me and i asked him if we could stay the night and he told me. he told me before this anyway, he said that anytime that i come back out to Michigan that i can stay the night their. he said that he would love it, it we stayed the night or 2 their. and he has 3 bedrooms and 2 bath at his house and dad he is a big sports fan. and i mean big sports fan. he is an Yankee fan as well sorry tom he he.
well everything is going good here in Gaylord. this past week we have been busy as well once again. we had 23 lessons and only 3 of them was with members. it has gone back and forth with member involvement but that's how missionary work goes. we had only 1 at sacrament meeting as well, and that was Nancy. their is cool story that i will tell you later in the email about them and what happened with them yesterday night. to start off the week on Tuesday last week we had a good day like always we was up in boyne city and east Jordon and we had lunch at President Belfords home then after that we went saw some investigators that we are teaching their as well. and around 4 we went over to east Jordan and we told 2 people their that we picked up 2 weeks ago that used to meet with missionaries in the past. and on Wednesday which was my birthday ya!!! but we was on trade offs like i said earlier in the email and i was with elder Sugur and we had a good time. we was down in grayling and we tryed to see some less actives as well that lives down their but no one was home and not even for door knocking ether. but then we came back to Gaylord o around 6 and went over to see Nancy and Laura and had a good lesson with them. and she gave me a 20 dollar gift card to a restaurant called Big Boy. it is like jb's in rexburg. and i had want they call the Kicten sick and it was soooo good. and then on Thursday me and elder Larsen had an good day as well. brother Taylor came with us to 2 appointments that we had that night and he is such a spiritual giant in lesson but get this he is shorter then me he is only like 5 ft tall but he is so great is lessons. he is going to come with us again this Thursday to go and see Nancy and Laura and sister Brown is going to come as well. we are trying to get as many branch members to come to the lessons with us to fellowship them and to make sure they don't get left out of anything. on Friday we was down in grayling as well and we did a lot of finding and some less active work as well. but like Wednesday not a lot of people was home. and on Saturday we had an branch picnic at an members home up in onaway. and it was around 5 in the evening so me and elder Larsen did as much as we could do before we went up their with the Tischlers. it was really fun, and the members home that we went to has a huge place and a lot of land. she told us that they have 110 acres. and only a 4th of it was uncovered by trees(their is a lot of trees here in Michigan like their is in South Carolina. but we had a fun and busy week and a long week as well. but yesterday after church me and elder Larsen he had to get numbers from different missionaries and we was doing that from 1:30 tell 3pm cause we could not get a hold of the alpena missionaries. their apartment is so bad for cell phone reception. and i know that cause i served their for 3 months and you only have 2 spots in the apartment where you can get 1 or 2 bars of reception. but after that we had dinner at sister browns and the tischlers was their was well and same with some other members of the branch and we had an good time and then us and the tischlers went over to see Nancy and Laura that evening. and Laura told us she got a good surprise from Nancy earlier that day after church. Nancy left church after Sunday school cause she was going to go to an picnic somewhere but Nancy didn't end up going. she went and picked up Laura and took her to go and get an Sunday dress for church and a few other things. and now Laura had no excuses not to come to church now every Sunday. and they are doing good and are on track to get baptised on the 18th of this month and Laura wants me to do the baptism for her. and Nancy wants elder Larsen to do her baptism as well.
OK so let me get this straight for the YSA ward is going to the church by porter park and Horkleys over on the east side of town. but what do you mean by all of them. all of the wards in all of the stakes of just the north stake? so their is going to be some reorganizing going on in rexburg with different wards huh. why are they going to being the 8th ward all the way out to are church building for church every Sunday when they are right their by the stake center? why are they not going to green canyon anymore for the Webster Reunion? that was always fun their cause we could go swimming and have different activies their as well as an family. and their was a lot of people that came. but i guess Rock Creek should be fun as well. and dad we will be going golfing if it is their next year i know that one for sure. o chelle when i saw the DVD about grandma i popped it in are mini DVD player and watched it and i then listen to the funeral on Sunday morning as well. and well i started to cry when i was listening to it and seeing some of the pictures that was on their.
well family that's all for now. hope all is well love ya.
love elder Webster

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