Tuesday, August 21, 2012

Transferred to........side note only 3 more transfers (not counting at all)

hello everyone,
well it is transfer time again here in Michigan. and here is the big answer i am getting transfered to Oscoda and that is on lake Huron and i mean right a long the lake. and the elder live is a small town called Tawas city and that is below Oscoda. the building for Oscoda is in Oscoda. and i am going to be with elder Green and he is going to be going home at the end of this next transfer. we are going to be living in an house but that's as far as i know. President Hess told me a little about the area. he said that the branch President is awesome and that there is an senior couple their as well. ya President Belford called us last night while i was still packing a little bit and told me that he lost the paper that has your guys phone number on their he said that he always losses things when his head is not on and we both laughed. President Belford is an really funny guy and an awesome person as well. the Gaylord Branch is so awesome i am going to miss going their every Sunday and talking with all the members and we also had an baptism this past weekend just one though. and the reason why we only had one is cause Nancy smocked last week and so we had to chancel the baptism and this was on Friday when she told us that she had smoke. so we had to call everyone and tell everyone that no one was getting baptized anymore but we didn't say why and everyone was upset but o well things happened. but then on Saturday we had an lunch appointment that we had to be at noon with some members that was feeding us. so we went and then we had an felling to go over and see Nancy and Laura so we did and i guess we got their like 10 mins after the Tischlers left. and we talked to Laura and she was a little upset at Nancy cause she smoked and their was not going to be an baptism but we told Laura that she could still get baptized cause she has not smoke at all for awhile and she was happy about that. so we had to call a few people and tell them that Laura still wanted to get baptized and we put this together with in 4 hours noticed and the font takes 3 hours to fill up. so ya it was a throw together baptism at the last min. but it was way good. their was only 12 people their for the baptism but that's OK. and Laura wanted me to baptize her so i did and elder Larsen was in the font as well just for safety. but we had an baptism YA!!!!!! and i will send pic as well don't worry. and mom for the package i was cleaning house cause i needed to send some stuff home cause i was getting too much stuff and when i do get transferred and cant have that much stuff so i have to send some stuff home but that's OK. so that's why i send an package home.
Well not for the west of the week and how it went. on Tuesday we was up in Boyne city for lunch like always and well we didn't stay in boyne city for very long cause we got a call from Nancy and it was not very good. elder Larsen was talking to her on the phone for like 40 mins and we was sitting inside the tisclers car with them and elder and sister Tischler could here every word of it. so we was talking with the the Tisclers for close to an hour about what to do and we prayed and all of us got a felling to call President Hess and talk to him about it and so we did and we also got the felling to go back to Gaylord and talk to Nancy and Laura as well and we went back and we leaved Boyne City around 3:30ish and got back to Gaylord around 4 to 4:30. and has we was driving back to Gaylord President Hess called us back and we was talking to him for a good 15 mins on the phone about everything cause he didn't answer when we called him. so we had a crazy day that day. on Wednesday we had are last district meeting for this last transfer and their was 12 missionaries their and it was fun. and i was on trade offs with elder Sheperd from Alpena and we had a fun time serving together for the day. we was here in Gaylord well grayling anyway. that night and on Thursday morning it rained here and it rained for good 7 or 8 hours but it came down so i guess you must of got the storm that we got with rain. and me and elder Sheperd had to drive to trade back and it was just a coming down i had the rippers on the car on full blast and going fast and we could still bearing see. it takes us on an sunny day 35 mins to get where we trade back at with the alpena elders but it took us 50 mins to get their cause of the rain and how much it was coming down. but not to much more about last week.
and before i forget dad Happy birthday dad we herd about President Monson's bday but we didn't get to see it. but that's OK we was doing an baptism. well everyone that's all for now tell next week when i am going to be in my new area. and chelle i have a letter for ya and it has been sitting on my desk to send for 2 weeks now and i keep on forgetting to send it every time we walk out the door o well. i will send it off today but love ya everyone and talk to you next week.
love elder Webster

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