Friday, August 17, 2012

Baptism on August 18th

hello everyone,
good morning, afternoon, evening whatever lol. transfers are coming up next week. we find out this Friday so i will let you now next week of what we find out. well the mission has some big news. the whole mission got new phones and boy are they nice. they are a lot better then the old ones that we had before. they are touch screen and a slide out keyboard(like moms and dads). we got them last Saturday after zone conference. and you would not believe who i met either i met elder Mann from rexburg Idaho. i met him when he was on his way up the the UP for his first day their but he is in my zone. and so i have a pic of him and me. we learned a lol of new things at zone conference on Saturday. and President Hess also told us that in less then an month their is going to be a general authority from the 70ty here doing a mission tour. on the 10th and the 11th of next month. so did Lynda's mom pass away or something is that way they was in Washington for a while or what happened? you better grandpa that i have not seen any cute girls out here in Michigan that i like cause i have not been looking. o before i forget it was sister tischlers birthday last Thursday the 9th of August. that's good that everyone had an good time up in driggs at shons bday party and that grandpa is doing good. mom you will have to tell kirill to email me and tell me what he has been up to since he is going to stop by. and get his number as well for me that would be great. and you better get his email for me as well thanks. i got your letter Saturday evening when we got back to the apartment after 9 that night. we was gone for 13 hours on Saturday and we didn't even go out of town lol. that is so much smoke. ya you guys need the rain more then we do here. it rained here for a few days last week. wow dad back into the high Priest group leadership huh as the 1st assistant in the High Priest Group leadership nice lol haha. well next year for the elders and high priest i will be their to help the elders out and win for once lol.
well to start off here in Gaylord last week. start on Tuesday like normal we was in boyne city and east Jordon with the tischlers. it was just a crazy day while we was in boyne city cause while we was their we had lunch with the belfords and that was fine as normal but after words we got dropped at an less actives place and we had are bikes with us. well no one was home their so we rode are bikes to go and stop in on an investigator and he wasn't home ether so we called him to see if he was in town at all but he didn't answer so what we did. we rode a little bit to go and do some door knocking before we had to leave to go to east Jordon with the tischlers. but as we was riding he called us back and told us that he moved but it was only around the corner that he moved to. so we went and met up with him but while we was walking over to his place a salesman came up to us and him and are investigator started to do a drug deal so we left and when we left to go and do some knocking we was about to lock up are bikes on an stop sign but when we did that about 7 or 8 bees came out and one of them stung elder Larsen and not me so i got lucky lol. and while we was door knocking no one was home ether so you can tell it was just started out not so good. but then we went over to east Jordon and while we was their we had a great lesson with 2 investigators and hopefully if they came to church they will be get baptized soon. and then after that we went and did some service for a PM family and then we went over to another family in the branch cause the husband came with us to the appointment that we had with the investigators their in east Jordon and we shared a message with them and we got a referral from them as well. and guess what he came to church as well yesterday. he is an boyfriend of one of the daughters and she has been telling him a little about the church and he has came to church a few times as well. on Wednesday and Friday we was down in grayling all day and when we are down their we have been doing a lot of door knocking cause we only have 2 investigators their now so not much work going on down their but we are hoping for some here soon. well on Thursday we had 6 lessons planned but only 1 that was planned happened and we picked up another lesson on the door step and picked up a new investigator. and all week we have been going over to Nancy and Laura's to make sure they are still on the path for baptism and they are doing good. they had their baptismal interview last Saturday after zone conference. but on Saturday during zone conference we learned a whole bunch of new stuff for how to teach people. we learned how to asked the "why" questions to people. like "why do you thick it is important to get baptized" and the "how" questions as well. and then yesterday Nancy and Laura came to church again and they enjoyed it. Nancy has been telling everyone about her baptism on Saturday and it is at 7pm are time(so 5pm Idaho time). and done worry i well get pics. and elder Larsen had to give an talk in sacrament meeting yesterday and it was really good and also President Belford did as well. he said if he asked people to give talks he has to give an talk as well. so he thought it was his turn to give an talk. and we also told nancy and Laura last night when we went over their that if they smoke at all or drink coffee, tie or anything bad that the baptism is not on that we will have to move it back tell they are clean and have not smoked for over a week.
well their you go hope all is well family. the other pic is a rock and it is made into the state of Michigan. i saw that while we was door knocking and so i had to take an picture of it and send it was well. but their you go hope all is well back in Idaho love y'all.
love elder Webster

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