Monday, February 28, 2011

first email from Michigan 2/26/11

well my p-day is on saturdays out here in Alpena, MI and my address is 995 golf course road apt3 Alpena, MI 49707 that is where i am living and well my first place is at. so send my letters to that address now tell i switch on my next transfer. From what elder smith(my campaion) said that most likly i well be staying here but i will be finding out come closer towards the transfer. Alpena is up towards the top on the state it is 4 hours from lansing. I can remember my email for my hotmail accout so do u mind letting me now that way i can get everyones address, cause that is where everyones address is at, is on my hotmail one. When we got to lansing and we ment the president and sister jones with the AP(assitents to the president) we went to his house. then we went out and went tracking for a house around michigan state(MSU). Then we went back and had dinner their which was pizza haha.. then later that night all the missionaries we all went to bed around 9, but we stayed up talking tell about 10 or whenever we all fell asleep, then we ment are traininers the next day during lunch at the church. then we went to the mission home and got everthing their, but the only package that i got was my beding and the stuff that was in their. but everything is going good for now. My new compaion/trainer is from new zeland, he has been here in alpena for about 4 and a half mouths now. yesturday(friday) was is 9 mouths he has been out in Michigan. but then on thursday was my first full day in alpena, it went better then i thought tho i wasnt nerves like i thought i was going to be which was a good thing i guess. Today we have to wash are cloths but we are not going to do that tell later on this evening sometime after we have are service around 2 michigan time(12 noon your time). are service we are going over the soup kitchen and help serving it to other people. we also have to go and get some food for are apartment like milk and eggs and a few other stuff that we need. and we have branches for church right now thats it no wards yet, and we go at 10am so 8am your time.
well if you havnt herd about the earth qauke that happened over in new zeland well he didnt have any family that was killed as far as he knows, he called the other day (president and sister jones let him call to find out). His family lived about 45 mins away from the town that got hit from the earth quake. but the deaths has been going up day but day which is not good at all. but maybe keep us updated as well that way we can know about it also thanks. but thats it for now talk to everyone later send everyone my love. o president and sister jones is going to send a thing out to you from them with me and them in a pic and a few other stuff they said.

elder joseph webster

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