Monday, December 24, 2012

Christmas Eve/Staying in Oscoda for last 6 weeks

hello everyone,

well another week has gone by here in michigan. it was a long and crazy week. first off we got transfer calls and elder johnson and i are staying together here in oscoda and i am going to finish my mission off here. to start off the week here. on friday we got a bad wind, rain, and snow strom that put a lot of people out of power for a little while. but it was back on for church yesturday which was good. and specking of no heat with power off. we lost heat in our place sunday morning but we still had power so we had no heat for the whole day and last night so the person that owns the house she is going to come and fix the heater today sometime. so we wont be sleeping in the good again cause it got below 30 in are house last night but we had a lot of blankets and warm clothes. are plans for today(christmas eve) are going out to hale to the branch presidents house and spend time with them and then for chirstmas we are going over to the hancocks place here in oscoda for dinner and spend time with them for a little bit. ya mom sister parents stopped me at church and told me that she has been talking to you about everything with caleb and all the stuff that he has to do before he leaves on his mission. and thats to funny about her knwoing are consin up in the vally

well to start off the week it was a good week we had 18 lessons and we did a lot of singing this past week and boy was my voice tried after that lol. tuseday we was out in hale like always and we was door knocking and while we was doing that we found a new investigator and he asked us for a book of mormon and a few phamphets that we give out to people as well and we going back their on the 8th of janurary. then for dinner with steve and sue parent and it was a good dinner then we went with the karn family and we went and sang songs to pres karns mom and dad(who are not members) and we had a good time. then on wednseday we had are last distrect meeting of the transfer over in west branch and it was good. then we was in tawas and in Au Greu and while we was in tawas we a less active and it was sister calkins and she came to church this sunday and same with her non member husbend. then after that we drove down to Au Gre and we saw another inactive family and had a visit with them and then we went over to are new branch mission leaders place and had a meeting with him and had dinner then he had some more living christmas cards he wanted to do with us so we went and did them and it was cool. we was at each place for 20 to 30 mins talking with them and sharing the story of christ birth. then on thursday we saw brain who is a active member that we meet with each week to help him out with some things as well then after that we went and did some finding and nothing came out of it that day. then on friday we went down to tawas again cause we have so many miles to use cause we are getting transfered so we went and saw some other people down their some members and also did some door knocking down their but we didnt get to far cause their was not to much light left in the day to do it. but o well. then on saturday we went and tryed to do some knocking but a lot of people was still without power so their was not that many people home cause they was gone. then yesturday, sunday we had church and it was the chirstmas program and it was a great program. we sang 2 times. once with the prisethood and the song was hymm number 212 and then we sang for the branch choir and the song was called "still, still, still" and man was that a sweet song. then we had dinner with the Scherbels and they are a way sweet family to be with. 

well family thats all for now hope all is well back in idaho talk to you soon. love ya

love elder webster

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