Monday, December 17, 2012

good morning, afternoon or evening
hello everyone, hope everyones week was good. i had a great week here in michigan. and mom i was thinking for the day that we fly home we can just stay in utah and then come home the next day. and go to the temple down in salt lake or something and visit family while we are down their. thats crazy about cam not going to be about to go tell after the new year huh, wow. and you are going to have 5 elders for dinner tonight thats crazy. you better get a pic with all of them and get the emails for you can send then home to their parents. o hey mom tell brenner that he needs to wait and get married after i get home for i can be their for his wedding.
to start off the week. tuesday was a good day. we was out in hale where a few of the members live at. we had lunch out their at the Schorlders place and boy was we stuff once again and i mean stuffed i thought elder johnson would had to roll me out of the house of how stuffed we got. then after that we went and did some finding out their but nothing and while we was their we had the thought to go and see a less active and we did and good thing we did. cause he was just about to go down to the hospital cause he has a son that got a skin burn and has to get new skin on his arm. then we went and had dinner with steve and sue parent and he is a good cook as well. on wednesday we was with the dittrecks all day. first we went to distrect meeting over in west branch and then we went and saw 2 less actives and then we went down to Au Gurs for a corinlation meeting with the new branch mission leader and they feed all of us dinner and it was good. then thuursday we saw a member and we picked up a new investigator as well that day then on friday we had a lesson with a member that has been coming for a little while now cause he was gone for school but now he is back and coming all the time which is good. then saturday was the best day this past week cause we was at the temple. and we went down with the branch mission leader and they also took a recert convert down as well and the recert convert she said that she loved it their. and while we was their i was the excort for johnny McLain and that was fun and a aswome time. while we was in the temple we was in the last room in the celestail room and their was also a furture missionary going out and going thought the temple for his first time as well and while we was in the celestail room he came up to me and told me how greatful it was that i am worthy to come to the temple and to serve a mission. and as we was changing i gave him my info to keep in contact with me while we his out on his mission. he enters the mtc the same day that we leave to go back home so on february 13 of next year. then on sunday(yesturday) we had the primaly program for christmas and it was cool. their is 5 or 6 kids in the primary and then later that day we went and saw marcie and had a lesson with her and her son and read from the book of mormon stories book for her.
well family the email is really short this week but dont have much time left and still got to email 1 more person before we got to go. so love ya and talk to you soon.
love elder webster

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