Monday, December 31, 2012

Happy New Year

hello everyone,

Happy new year,

      well another week has gone by here in michgan. thanks for letting me know when i am going to be speaking. but are you sure i am going to be speaking on that day and not on the 17th jk. we got are heater fixed. a guy came and fixed it on friday around 8pm. well mom i am going to send a few package home poberly this next month that way i wont have that much to bring home with me when we fly home, and also to take around with us when we go around michigan. i thought i would let you know. 

well here is a week. last monday was christmas eve and we was out at are branch president house all day and we played some games and also had a good dinner. well tuesday was christmas so it was good, got a lot of candy from everyone and the shirt mom that you gave me i cant believe you o well. well i am going to try and send a vedio to ya guys that i made on christmas. then on wednesday we was here in oscoda and we went and saw a active member and had a good lesson with him at the church. then after that we went down towards tawas and had dinner with another members who lives on the lake shore of lake Huron. then on thursday we went and did some finding for the week but too many people was home where we went. then we went and tryed to stop in on a few other people to see if they was home and they was but they was way busy and didnt have time to meet so then we called a in active sister in the branch that lives in oscoda to see if we could come and stop by later on and so we did. then on friday was the longest day that i have had in awhile since i was in grand rapids with elder bullard. we had to wait all for the heat person to come and fix are heat and guess what. he didnt come tell 8pm which suck o well. got a lot of studies in that day. well on saturday was are best day. we had 4 lessons that day. after we went and had lunch, we went and tryed to stop by an investigators place and too see how their christmas was and so we did and they was home and told us to come on in. i am going to tell you. i got 70 dollors in cash from everyone for chirstmas and bishop hannah gave me 40 and told me to use it on people that we are teaching and so the family that we stop at, didnt get to much for christmas and the 2 boys really wanted 2 games for chirstmas and they was call of duty black opps2 for xbox360 and also halo 4 so we went to kmart the day after christmas and we went and brought halo4 for them with the money for a christmas present and we are going to go and buy the other one for them as well when we go down to walmart cause kmart didnt have it. but anyway back to what we did on saturday, after that we went and tryed to stop by another persons home to see if they was home but no one come to the door or no one was home. but we did a have a good week. yesturday for church the branch presidency all talked and all of talked about missionary work in a way. brother parents talked about st. john 21 well chirst is talking to peter about feeding his sheep. bro scherbel talked about 4 things to do when you have a calling and they are 1) parparing spiritaly 2)meet and cousel with other people about the calling and see what you need to do to best do your calling that you have, 3)ministering to others and 4)teach people. he also said "every single part in a car is important and it is just like every single calling that you have had in the past, persent and furture and everything that goes with it are important" and pre karn talked about that the spirit is going to gives us the knowledge that we need from are father in heaven and he also said that we need to love everyone and also love are heavenly father cause he gives us the most inportant thing which is the holy ghost and he can take that away when he wants to. so we have to be wrothy of it all of the time. well thats the week here in oscoda michigan. 

well family thanks for everything, got to got for now so talk to you again love ya

love elder webster

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