Monday, December 10, 2012

hello everyone,
well to start off the email. we did get a ride down to the temple for saturday. the new branch mission leader is taking us down their. the temple trip is a 3 hour trip down their from here in oscoda and it is just little over 2 hours from the new branch mission leaders place. so this saturday is going to be a great day. we got a lot of snow this past week here in oscoda. we got snow on saturday during the morning but it went away during the day and then yesturday we got more snow but it was towards the evening and boy was it fun to drive on it. the snow was slick to drive on but it was fun. and before i forget transfer calls are this week so i will let you know by next monday or maybe even before who knows. mom i do not know the Mclains address off the top of my head sorry. but you can send the package this week with those stuff in it.
well to start off the work here in michigan to start off last week was a busy week with meetings. last sunday we had 3 lessons and 2 of them was with investigators and one of the lessons with them was are top investigators here. they are Gui and Lalananai and she is the one that has read to moshia already. and we only had a short time with them cause we had to get going to go and see the christmas devo at the church. on tuesday we was out in hale and it was a good day out their. we had lunch with the relife socity president and she is a good cook and boy she makes a lot of food as well when she cooks for us. then we went and saw steve and sue parent and then we went and had dinner with the Karns and they told us that they was going to take us to west branch for trade offs with the houghton lake elders cause they wanted us to save miles for christmas eve to come out for dinner. so they drove us their which is way nice of them. so i was on trade offs with elder reese and we had a good time. we was on trade offs from tuesday evening tell thursday at training. on wednesday me and elder resse went and saw a few members of the branch and we did about 2 hours of finding that day which was good. on thursday and friday we was down in Mt. Pleasent for traning and a christmas party as well. we learned so much both of the days and guess what?????????      i had to bare my departing testimoney that day as well. i didnt know i was going to do that ether and man was that ruff to do. but i did it. well then after traning we had to drive back to oscdoa for the branch christmas party and their was about 40 people their. and we help out with the christmas program for it and it was a great turn out. and then on saturday we went and tryed to see some more people but they was ether sick or not home so we stopped by the dittrecks cause they have been with the flu so we have been stopping by and helping them out as much as we can. yesturday we went to church and while we was their their was a few changes in the branch and we got a new branch mission leader. he was in the branch presidency but he got released and got put in for the branch mission leader. well we went and stopped by the dittracks again later on that day and while we was their it started to snow and it came down a lot at one time as well. well for the week we had 8 totel lessons but get this we also had 12 referrals that we recieved from members here for a living christmas card that we are doing.
well family thats all for now hope everyone has a great week. love ya
love elder webster

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