Monday, December 3, 2012

good morning/afternoon/evening,
     hello everyone. it is december and i cant believe it. and their is no snow on the ground here in oscoda ether. but i was talking to are zone leaders and they said that their is snow up in the UP. ok thanks on the news for the plane tickets. you might want to find out soon and then do everything has fast as you can. for i know as well. ya mom and dad i was in a interview with president Hess and he told me that he was going to talk to the person that does that in the mission office and tell them to chancel the plane ticket for me to come home. so i dont know whats going on for that. ya just let me know as soon as you find out and we will go from their. maybe if you want you could see if scott can do a 3 way phone call on his phone and you could call him and then he could call me or something like that. ya mom you might want to call the mission offoce here in michigan and find out whats going on if you dont here from the main office in salt lake and see whats going on with that and se if you would have to pay for me to get home or if the church pays.  ya we have gotten some rain as well here in oscoda. thats crazy about cameron going to brazil but awsome at the same time. tell him i wish i could be their but i am out here and i wish him good luck and have a great time. hey we was out at dinner on thursday and they asked me a few ?'s about rexburg cause their son is going to be going to school their before he leaves on his mission. and he is going to be leaving in Janurary for school. and i am going to give you their phone number for you can answer their ? a lot better then i could. it is Lynn and Dawndul parent and their phone number is 989-728-3898. they was wondering about wisdom teeth and a few other things. and the best time to call them in during the evening cause no one is home during the day. and the their son Calab is the one coming out to rexburg for school.
     alright about the mission. to start off the week. last week we got ropped into singing in the branch choir here in oscoda for the branch christmas program. so we are singing a song called "still, still, still" and it is a great song. i will have to let you listen to it once we get it all done and i can see if i can record it and you can listen to it. last sunday the 25th of nov. we saw the new investigators, Gui and Lala and she has only read half way though Mosiah but she is loving it. on monday we went out to the karns for dinner and the Houghton Lake elders was their as well for dinner cause we was doing trade offs and it was fun. Pres Karn loved having more boys their then girls. and he said that he is going to remember that night for along time. and we took some christmas pics as well for a christmas card that i am going to send here in a littlle bit to people. then on tuesday i was over in Houghton lake and i was with elder Yates for the day and we had a good day. on wednesday i was back in oscdoa and we had distrect meeting over their and it was good. it was a drive though from houghton lake to oscdoa. it is a hour and a half but it is a stright shot as well. but that night we saw some potentail investigators as well. and we saw a less active. on thursday me and elder Johnson went and did some finding but no one was home then we went out to hale and it was a good time out their. we went out and saw steve and sue parent and then we was the other parent family. on friday we was in oscoda and we went and saw a few other Less actives in the branch and am trying to get them to come back to church. on saturday we had corinlation for the first time in a while with are branch mission leader and it was good then we went and saw the Dittrecks cause they was not feeling good at all. and they are not, they both have the few and its really bad. they missed church as well yesturday and everyone was wondering where they have been at. but after that we went and tryed to do some door knocking but hardly anyone was home. and hardly anyone was home that we tryed to see as well though out the day that day. while we was walking back to are car after finding we got a call from a member that was wondering if we could help with the branch christmas party and we said sure and so we are helping out with it. and we are doing a stick i guess and i am a Sherepd and dont worry i thick it is going to be record as well so it is going to be funny. on sunday we had church and it was fast and testimoney day and it was great. their was some great testitmoneies and one of them was from the branch mission leader and he said "Jesus christ is the reason for the season" and i thought that was cool. and after church we practice for the christmas sacurament meeting program and then we had to go and pratice for the christmas party after that. and get this we also have 3 lessons yesturday and 2 of them was with investigators which is way good. ya!!! well this week we have traning on thursday and friday down in Mt. Pleasent and we are going to be staying over night in west branch on thursday. and we are going to hale tommorow and then to tawas on wednesday and we also have trade offs this week again with Houghton lake but i am going to be staying here in Oscoda and i am going to be with the distrect leader this time. well family thats all for now.
and dont know about transfer yet but my guess that i would be staying here in oscoda for my last transfer but who knows. hey family i am thinking about christmas and i am wondering what time i should call since christmas is on a tuesday this year. so let me know and as well here is a christmas list that you can get for me when you send packages. the list is: Candy, the oct 2012 conference on dvd, and maybe Gift cards to somewhere if you want but i dont know of anything else yet but i will. thanks for everything. and we will talk to you soon love ya.
love elder webster

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