Wednesday, February 9, 2011

1st email - P Day

my pday is on weds here at the mtc, then i dont know when i get out in the field at all. i am doing good. my roommates r elder collins, elder berket, and elder Hoyt my camponion. ya i have played basketball in gym and ran a little bit also. ya michelle told me all about it from the bank when she wrote me. thanks for all the emails that u have send me just whenever u write me just write me back on dear elder that way i can write back really fast. they gave my a date on when i leave the MTC is on the 23 at 4 in the morning but who knows still we will find out latter on here next week sometime and i will let u know. but got to go for now talk to u later

elder joseph webster

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  1. Doesn't he sound great. Had to chuckle on the hour they leave the MTC.