Saturday, February 26, 2011

A summary of a handwritten letter from Joseph. Shad had bronchitis and Shon had cough at time.

Just wondering if everyone was feeling better. Was wondering if you were getting ready for the baby to come and I want updates and pictures when she is here.
Shad how is playing COD (Call of Duty Xbox game) without me? How is Shon doing without me there to play with?
I have made good friends here at the MTC. 6 other missionaries are going to Lansing and 4 others are going to Little Rock, Arkansas. We leave at 4 am from the MTC and leave SLC airport at 7am.
(He was wondering if we could have been at Dad and Moms to talk to him. I had to work.)
There will be pictures of me and the MTC and the Provo Temple and everyone in my district.

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