Tuesday, February 15, 2011

Hand Written Letter 2/16/11

Here is some of Joe's letter to us
Dear The Kings,
"Thanks for the letter(email) that you sent me even though it was short, but still good to hear from you guys. That's funny that tabs & eric drove my car there to driggs, I just had to laugh about it especially when carol keep looking at my car.  Tell everyone at the bank hi for me and at broulims. Ya we alot of us in the district are fasting this morning (wednesday p-day) and maybe for lunch also, cause some of the other elders dont know if they are going to stay or not. So all of us are fasting and praying for them. One of the elders will find out today or not."
Then he went on to say that he has been staying busy with writing letters, studying or just visiting with the other elders in their rooms.  Elder Webster also said that he ran into Kyle Treasure(Wade and Trudy Treasure's son) from the valley and talked with him for a few minutes, Then he ran into Daniel Palmer(Joe Palmer's brother). 
"Let Aunt Jo know that the MTC is treating me well. keep her updated with me and everyone else, We go to the Provo Temple today (Wed) on are P-days.  Tell her the food is good but homecooking is better."

Elder Webster

The story behind the car and Carol looking at it is:  Joe would come to the bank and the ladies there got to know him pretty good and knew his car.  So Carol is the new accounts lady and was looking out the window when Eric and Tabithat came up one weekend and she kept looking out the window and was confused because she knew that Joe had left for his LDS mission.  So she asked me about it and I told her that my sister and brother in law was up here for the weekend.  It was funny. 

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