Monday, February 7, 2011

First letter

My first day went fine, and I didn't really groan at all when I got up. Even tho the beds are not the most comforable things to sleep on. My companion is Elder Hoyt he is from SLC but get this he is going to the same mission same with 6 other elders. We are all in the same class or district they call it. Well, just like I thought or guessed you can say, the building we are in is on the other side of campus from are classrooms and the lunch room. Yes, I did get the package on Wed thanks. Yip I found my temple bag it was on the outside pocket of the bag. Dad only has a few more weeks left at work then he better go golfing for me during the summer.

Ya well when we got here on Wed after you dropped me off. The person and me we went right to my rooim and took my stuff and dropped it off and went right to my classroom and dropped me off. Their with all the other elders. The food is not to bad, still miss the home cooked meals(every timne I did come home for dinner any ways) me and my companion are sharing a room with 2 other people and pics will come don't worry. When we got up to are rooms around 9pm all of us unpack about half of are stuff that we thought we would need then it was off to bed lights out at 10:30.

Day 2 which was Thursday went by slow at first but then it speed up after lunch of course. Ya we have a gym class about 3 or 4 days each week which is ok. Thats so far the MTC and what's going on right now any way. But pics will come soon don't worry. Love everyone lots, hope everyone is having fun. Don't worry I havce wrote Marissa also. Keep eveyone up dated on Facebook, Chelle knows my password and name. Well got to go and get to study love lots have fun in the cold and with lots of snow unlike down here in Prove.

Love lots

Elder Joseph Webster

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