Friday, February 25, 2011

email 2/15/11

well we r going to do a cloths on the monday before we leave that way we can have clean cloths out in the mission field. i need mykals adress also cause i have a letter for him about the MTC. my weekend was long but it was good. saturday just took forever. and sunday was the same way also. tell everyone in the ward hi from me, and tell them i am doing good, everything is going good, long classes, good lunches. the beds are rough, but o well.
i sended mikeal i letter in the mail so i hope he gets it this week. ya their ward their is not that many people in there. ya i know how that church is cause i have have played basketball in their and and i have ref church ball games. thats good to hear that eric gave tabitha a blessing, but not good that she has been sick tho tell her to get better. and the same with shad. but thats good that everyone is getting better up their. and that is good that their is home teachers that can help with giving blessings. happy late valentines day everyone. dont forget that i need my levis, some pics of everyone and from my farewell. and me and marissa also thanks and i need my black clock radio, it is at the head of the bed, and everything that i will need for michigan
but got to go have fun

thanks elder webster

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