Thursday, February 24, 2011

Feb 11 Letter

Dear Mom and Dad

Things are good, days are going by faster and faster it seems like. Ya the emails I only have 30 minutes min to send emails and the only 2 people was you and Marissa. Ya I have seen Kyle ir Elder Treasure from the valley. I have also seen Elder Danial Palmer, Joe Palmer’s brother. Get this I saw the elder that we ran into at the place we ate before coming to the MTC last Wed. Ya in gym we can play 4 square, basketball, volleyball, run or lift weights (the last 2 are up stairs).

Elder Hoyt has 3 brothers and 3 sisters. Yes I do see Elder Casper he is in my district which is are room. How much did Tyler sell his truck for just wondering. Here is his number ______. Don’t ask me how I remembered it, but I just did. Ask for his address to for me, cause I have a letter that goes to him. That is good that it is getting warmer their, but not down here tho at least in the mornings. Ta we have some snow on the grass in the mornings and sometimes in the afternoon to.

Are district went to the temple on are P-days, and the Provo temple does a different movie than the Rexburg temple does. And before I forget I got my travel itinerary yesterday (Thursday) and we leave the MTC at 4am to take bus to Salt Lake City airport then we fly to Detroit sat 7am. Then we fly in from Detroit to Lansing at 2:04pm which all of this is on the 23rd. Ya are first flight number from SLC to Detroit is 1768, then from Detroit to Lansing it is 4264. We should arrive around 3pm in Lansing. I don’t know if I am able to call from the airport at all. Sorry, but got to go tell next time.

Elder Joseph Webster.

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