Friday, February 25, 2011

letter to home 1/17/11

Dear Mom and Dad

Ya Sat and Sun was very slow. Well on Saturdays we doing like nothing after like 3:30, cause we don’t have a teacher after then. We are just in a down time or what is called Missionar down time (MDT).

That’s good that we sold my car for the amount we bought it for which is good. That is funny to hear about teton getting stuck in Rexburg for the night . But that’s not fail that the school paid for the hotel, o well it happens. What can you say it’s idaho. That’s good that you bowled good on wed and won 3 out of 4 games against Zack. Ya I cant remember my atm password for my new card. Hopefully this will get their fast and I can get a dearelder with it on their that way I can get cash out for the airport. I have change to call you guys, but I think I have to get a phone call tho to call and I will call around 5:30AM. I can only talk to 20 to 30 mins, then I have to get on the plane to leave for Michigan.

I can use my black clock, I don’t have my ipod, and it has two alarms on it. So I can use that one. Send the picks to me here at the MTC fast, cause people have been wondering who is all in my family , and what marissa looks like. Yes I did get my coat, and I have not yet got the package from the bishop.

I don’t know who else to send the thank you cards too. And yes I did get something from Aunt Bronda, she send me candy. Then I wrote back, and said thank you, and gave them my address for Michigan. I think this is my last letter to you from the MTC. But that is it for now, and only have till Tuesday is my last day at the MTC, we leave Wed. There is a chord towards the head of the bed that can charge it also while playing the ipod. Got to go so I can send it off tomorrow morning (which is Friday). When you send my pics do it fast for they can get here by Monday if not Tuesday. Good night for now here from you soon.

Elder Webster

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