Wednesday, February 9, 2011

Two emails - same day - WOW

ya sorry my sunday went good me and my companion we beared the sacurament for are first sunday their and it went good. no u didnt tell me that people has called for me. who has called for me let me know. but i told marissa this write me back on dear elder that way i can get them that day or the next day that way i can write you back faster. and thats good maybe we can get some more money out of my car then what kirill offered but if we dont that it ok i guess, it is money and we can complain some days. but love everyone lots send everyone my love got to go for now just had a little bit more time so i thought i would do another fast email

elder joseph webster

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  1. Hasn't passed the sacrament in several years and the first Sunday in the MTC he becomes a deacon again.